Starboard iSonic 111 WoodCarbon,German Surf (Germany), Mar 2010

March 2010

Slalom-Race *****

Freerace ****

Short characteristic: The new iSonic 111 in the wood carbon version feels much more crispy compared to the prerunners and combines a lively, fleet-footed riding performance with the objective best speed potential.
It´s a bit challenging to find the right fin tuning and to optimize the fin trimm. With the right finsize (38 or 40 cm in length) no other board is easier to accelerate like the iSonic 111: tuned with a 38 cm fin in windy conditions the testriders really liked the board.

narrow Race Jibe: excellent
wide jibe: excellent

Control: excellent
Riding performance: direct

Topspeed: excellent (best together with the Tabou Manta)
Speed in medium wind: excellent
Start planning, acceleration: excellent (top points with JP & Fanatic)

On land: The 2010 footstrap models are easier to adjust compared to the last years straps, especially when you want to get them wider (for windsurfers with big feet and shoes). The iSonic board gets offered in 2 constructions, but without fins.
Shape: in the front plane, in the middle part a slight V, futher back a slightly double concave shape with a V, at the fin a strong plane V.

On the water: Fully powered up with a 38 fin the Starboard offers almost the same control as the RRD, with a fleet-footed unresisting riding experience. The board "sizzles" absolutely free above the water and offer sthe sailor the most racing fun. When the wind drops, the board needs a bit bigger sized fin to keep up the speed. Otherwise you are loosing speed and the upwind edge sinks down. Tuned with the right fin the iSonic is definitely the right choice to make it on the podium in all conditions. The board also performs extremely controlled inside the jibe. With some more pressure you can go through narrow jibes as well and the board takes the best speed out of the jibe on the new course.

SURF recommendation: If you find the right fin for the the board, you will have a board, which combines a sporty riding performance, best control and objective performance in a superior way. The new wood carbon construction gives the iSonic a more crispy feeling compared to the former years.