Starboard Futura 155 Wood, German SURF (Germany), Aug 2010

Starboard Futura 155 Wood

On land:

True to the formula "length x width", the Futura offers a maximum planing surface. The outside straps are placed a little closer to the center of the board, and the tail is less wide than the iSonic.

On the water:

The Futura makes a case for large freeride boards, showing that fun and planing do not require a special shape. The Futura planes almost as easy as the Lorch-combo, due to its respectable width and length. It's stable and free, and with some energetic pumping, it charges through the gybe. Sails of up to 9.5 meters will easily work with this sail and surfers until 90 kg don't require more surface anyway.


The Futura is a very accomplished compromise for good windsurfers and freeride-newbies who like to plane early - without footstrap issues.