Starboard's Formula Experience board is made for the Formula Experience One Design Class, one of the most popular windsurfing classes in the world.

Like Formula racing, it covers a very wide range of wind conditions and starts from just 7 knots of wind. FE's equipment rules however, ensure that the board, fin and sails are affordable and durable. Formula Experience racing is currently established in France, Portugal, Spain, Brazil, Peru, Chili, Estonia, Denmark, Mexico and the USA. There is also the new Formula Experience One Design European Tour. It starts June 13th 2011 in Portugal and ends in September 18th 2011 in Italy, with stops in France, Latvia, Estonia and Denmark in between. The Formula Experience class also hosts two key events: the European Championships and the World Championships, where the winners are crowned ISAF's European FE Champion and World FE Champion respectively.

For complete information on event dates and places, visit the Formula Experience website on

Starboard's Formula Experience One Design board:

  • The durable, accessible and affordable Formula racing board
  • The only 100% planing ISAF class
  • Built in durable and affordable Tufskin AST technology

The ProKids Formula is also available - it's the smaller Formula board design for young racers.

Formula Experience ProKids
Formula Experience One Design
Tufskin Volume Length Width Tail width Thickness Bottom shape (from tail to nose) Number of footstrap rows Fin Finbox Recommended fin range Recommended sail range Weight (Tufskin AST)
o 117 216 92.5 69.8 9.6 Double Concave to Flat Vee 2 Drake R13 Race NR 620 S-FLEX Deep Tuttle 54-66 5.5-8.5 10.33
o 160 228 100.5 77.9 12 Flat Vee to Double Concave to Flat Vee 2 Drake R13 70 Ready to RACE Deep Tuttle 7.5-12.5 11.69