High-performance windsurfing is without doubt the most thrilling windsurfing experience of all. From riding waves to jumping five stories high, from racing with friends to freestyling, windsurfing has a high-performance side that is spectacular and hyper addictive.

The key to high-performance windsurfing lies in planing. Planing - the word alone is enough to send shivers down the spine any of those who have experienced planing. What is planing? Loosely speaking, windsurfers are said to be planing when their windsurfing board has broken a certain speed barrier on the water. At this speed and above, the board releases from the surface and skims freely across the top of the water like a flying fish. The sail glides through the air and lifts the body up, rendering the rider weightless. It literally feels like flying on water. Many high speed watercraft also achieve the state of planing: powerboats, wakeboarders pulled by a motor boat or jet skis. But a windsurfer's planing has one special extra ingredient that makes it incomparable: it is powered by nature; it is powered by the wind. To feel the energy of the wind in your sail, channelling through your body, to feel you and your lightweight equipment skimming at high speeds over the water surface with no other noise but the sound of wind and water: it is truly a special feeling. When you see a windsurfer skimming across the water - this is what they are feeling; it's the reason why they turn around and go back out, to sail in and out all day. It's because the feeling of flying on water, the feeling of planing on a windsurfer is sensational.

Windsurfers of all ages are planing these days. New windsurfers first get planing after a few lessons. With the right equipment, some good winds and a bit of guidance, high-performance windsurfing is after all very accessible. From there on, windsurfing takes you down many other paths: from riding waves to jumping five stories high, from racing with friends to freestyling - this is windsurfing.

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'Windsurfers of all ages are planing these days'