The original Gemini became an incredible hit as it brought with it a totally new social windsurfing experience. Being the first wide-style tandem windsurfer, it transformed the idea of sharing windsurfing. With its incredible stability, you could share windsurfing with beginners instantly and take them planing within seconds. Schools wondered at the ability to teach beginners while sailing together with them on the same board. For windsurfing clubs, windsurfing centres and high performance riders, there was no better exhilaration than to share a high speed reach with a friend on the world's easiest tandem platform.

New longer shape

Benefit 1: The new Gemini Mk II gets planing much easier, much earlier and with less effort thanks to its longer shape. This longer shape allows the rocker to be stretched out for an ultra long flat profile. The Gemini Mk II planes up easier and rides faster than ever.

Benefit 2: There is more space between the sails. You can tack and jibe more easily without the two sails interfering with each other.

New Deck Contour

Benefit: total comfort for both riders. Enjoy the perfect grip under your feet and feel right at home. The new Gemini's deck shape is designed to feel and ride just as if you were riding your solo freeride board.

New Daggerboard position:

The new daggerboard is now operated by the front rider. The daggerboard is positioned much more forward in the board, improving the leverage the daggerboard has to track you upwind. The speed and angle the new Gemini has upwind is drastically improved, in either planing or non planing mode.


The Gemini Mk II is built in the super tough and durable Tufskin Technology.


  1. Front rider's mast track
  2. Front carry handle
  3. Tail rider's mast track
  4. Tail carry handle
  5. Tail rider's footstraps
  6. Forward positioned daggerboard - improved upwind performance

Studio Photos

Action Photos

Gemini Mark II
Tufskin AST Volume Length Width Tail width Thickness Bottom shape (from tail to nose) Number of footstrap rows Fin Finbox Recommended fin range Recommended sail range Weight (Tufskin AST)
o 384 399 100.5 87.2 16.8 Flat Vee 1 Drake R13 Race 700 NR + Daggerboard Allgaier 620 Deep Tuttle 40-70 3.5-11 22.83
Carbon / WoodCarbon / Wood / Technora Weight are + or - 5%
Tufskin Weight are + or - 6%