Phantom Race 380

Designed by Mariano Reutemann, Remi Vila and Svein Rasmussen, the Phantom Race 380 is regarded as the benchmark in all-round performance. The new model features a new construction and some durability upgrades.

New Construction
The new Phantom Race 380 is built deck and bottom in full PVC sandwich and biaxial 150g carbon. Flat-weaved with two fibre directions, both orientated at 45 degrees, the biaxial fibre is more durable, tougher and a more flexible. This heavier grade of fibre also allows for a thin layer of 30g glass to be removed, effectively keeping the weight at an all time low.

The board also features a new paintless finish to save weight.

The new Technora option
The Phantom Race 380 is built deck and bottom in full PVC glass fibre sandwich with Technora reinforcements in the impact zones. Tougher than the Carbon edition , the Technora model is more durable and more resistant to sharp impacts.

The daggerboard system's upgrade
A new oversized side-plate incorporates a brass reinforcement where the daggerboard pin fits into the side-plate, making the system much stronger and much more durable. This oversized plate holds the powerful 78cm daggerboard, spreading the load evenly against the side-walls of the daggerboard box.

Board Design
The shape features five key design elements:
A lower nose rocker combined with extra nose vee allows the board to glide faster in lightwinds for improved light-wind performance. This lower nose rocker also gives the board greater speed in medium to high winds as the board crosses chop at a more efficient angle of attack. Faster in lightwinds and faster in high winds.

The deck shape features heel extensions that increase the rider's leverage over the daggerboard and fin. Extra leverage = extra power and extra upwind angle.

Phantom Race 320

The new Phantom Race 320: the compact version of the 380. A totally new design concept that started with the 380 shortened down to 320. The rocker, the nose vee, the daggerboard and mast track positions were adjusted to match the new length. Super-sized 2cm high heel extensions were added to the deck to maximize the sailor's leverage when railing upwind. Ultra competitive in the 380 class, it is by far the most advanced board in the 320 class.

The Phantom Race 380 is available in Carbon and Technora. The Phantom Race 320 is available in Tufskin AST.


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Phantom Race 320
Phantom Race 380
Carbon Technora Tufskin Volume Length Width Tail width Thickness Bottom shape (from tail to nose) Number of footstrap rows Fin Finbox Recommended fin range Recommended sail range Weight (Carbon) Weight (Technora) Weight (Tufskin)
o 260 320 71 43.9 17.4 cm Flat Vee to Double Concave to Flat Vee 1 Drake R13 Race NR 440 + Daggerboard 780 Deep Tuttle 40-48 6.5-9.5 15.8*
o o 303 379 69.5 43.1 17.7 cm Flat vee 1 Drake R19 Race NR 480 + Daggerboard 780 Deep Tuttle 40-50 6.5-9.5 14.6* 16.6* *Weight excludes fin, daggerboard, mast track, mast bases, straps - bare hull only
Carbon / WoodCarbon / Wood / Technora Weight are + or - 5%
Tufskin Weight are + or - 6%