The new UltraSonic: the world's first lightwind super-early planing slalom board. Starboard's new UltraSonic blends incredible early-planing performance with comfort, ease and accessibility.

Enjoy the ultra-efficiency of magical speed in the lightest of winds: the new Starboard UltraSonic.


The UltraSonic design starts from the iSonic base and adds some extra width and loses more thickness. It sits outside the PWA width limit, but nevermind that if you're not a PWA racer.

The nose of the UltraSonic is then lengthened to make the board more accessible. Tacking, jibing and getting up on to the plane are easier, smoother and more accessible.

The rail shapes under the footstraps are more comfortable and less boxy than the iSonics. This makes the board more comfortable, the straps are easier to get into and there is less burning-power in your back-thigh when fully powered.

Like the iSonics, some key new design features make the UltraSonic the most advanced design to date:

Harder rail edges in the tail increases top speed, enables quicker acceleration in gusts, improves earlier planing and improves the board's ability to maintain top speed in lulls.

Very Deep Deck Concaves maximizes control by having the pivot point between sail and board kept low. The centre of gravity of the board is also lowered further to minimize undesired swing weight. The very deep deck concave also break the aerodynamic suction effect that often lifts the nose out of control in high winds.

Last but not least, the gap between the sail and deck is eliminated and the mast track can be moved back to improve top end speed without compromising control.

Note the very deep deck concaves require the boom to be set about 2cm higher than your normal setting.


The UltraSonic is available in Wood Technology and Carbon Technology.
Wood offers the best ratio between light weight, comfort, control and stiffness.
Carbon Technology is Starboard's lightest and stiffest option, with the highest levels of bottom-end acceleration and the sharpest sensations.
For more details on the constructions, see the Technology page.


Studio Photos

Action Photos

Ultra Sonic 147
Carbon Wood Volume Length Width Tail width Thickness Bottom shape (from tail to nose) Number of footstrap rows Fin Finbox Recommended fin range Recommended sail range Weight (Carbon) Weight (Wood)
o o 147 240 93.2 65.3 11.4 Flat Vee 2 Drake R13 Race 580 NR Deep Tuttle 50-62 7.5-12.0 7.76 8.3
Carbon / WoodCarbon / Wood / Technora Weight are + or - 5%
Tufskin Weight are + or - 6%