A former British speed and slalom windsurfing champion, Peter Hart is now arguably the world's number one windsurfing technique guru. He's written four books, made (to date) 19 instructional DVDs and runs international coaching clinics at the world's finest windsurfing hotspots.

What's my idea of hell on earth? Being stuck inside, looking at trees bending in a stiff breeze and being unable to do anything about it. My love affair with windsurfing, now in its 33rd year, is not something I have any control over. It's like being with the ideal partner who improves with age, who thrills, challenges and amuses you in equal measure and who every week, reveals a new and exciting side to their already delightful personality.

I love many sports but where windsurfing wins every time is through its sheer diversity. You can't get bored.

As well as being the most rewarding to do, windsurfing is also the most rewarding to coach. I taught a guy to loop recently. Not a stringy 16 year old youth but a 45 year office worker. It has changed his life. He said that if, when he first wobbled across the lake on a board 5 years ago, someone had told him, "do you know one day you're going to do a forward somersault with this thing," he would have laughed in their face. But by nibbling away, learning to sail in strong winds, plane, then jump a little, then jump a lot he finally found himself in a position where the loop suddenly seemed almost attainable. And on that special day, buoyed by a cheering crowd, he just pulled the trigger and went for it. He now strides confidently through life believing anything is possible.

That's what windsurfing does for you.

Peter Hart

To find out more about Peter's worldwide clinic tour and his award-winning series of technique DVDs, visit www.peter-hart.com

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