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10th June 2011, 04:57 AM
I am considering purchasing a 2010 used Phantom. I see the board weight is listed at 14.22 kg. Does this weight include the centerboard and cartridge? I weighed the board and it came in at 17.73 kg with the straps on, centerboard in - no fin. Is this reasonable or could there be a problem? Are most racers going with a 50cm fin? A 45 cm fin comes with this board could this be a disadvantage? Thanks for any info.

15th June 2011, 02:08 AM
I haven't weighed my own Phantom but i think the quoted weight of 14.22kg is minus the centerboard & Cartridge, Straps and Fin so i don't think there will be a problem with the board. As with anytime buying a second hand board check it over for any repairs and this will tell you also if there is any problem with the board.

I personally use a 50cm Vector Maui Canefire Fin in light to medium winds and then a 46cm Vector Maui Canefire fin in strong winds and most people i know with a phantom use similar sizes on the board. If you buy the board get a second bigger fin around 50cm and you will be covered for any wind strength.

Hope this helps

29th June 2011, 03:19 AM
Hi Remi,

Can you confirm that IRL-250 is correct - "I think the quoted weight of 14.22kg is minus the centerboard & Cartridge, Straps and Fin" Thank you!

29th June 2011, 08:28 AM
Hi Cosmic1,

The weight of the board that you can see on our web is with out anything (Fin, Dagger Board, Straps, Track mast)

All the best

27th July 2011, 07:33 AM
Hey everybody
i am a owner of starboard 380 and i have some dificulties to find the mast base for the regulable track. Any idea where can i find it? In Argentina, where i live, is to dificult find this base.

Best resgard!

28th July 2011, 04:32 PM
Hi from Nico, Italy. I don't own a Phantom 380 but an old Mistral Echo 298 and a new Mistral Ventura 343 from 2009, both with adjustable mast track. As Mistral has stopped any raceboard production I'm interested in knowing about the starboard joint, if you mean the one thant can be seen here on the left http://www.star-board.com/2012/products/accessories.php
Seeing from ebay.de windsurf section, actual joint is always called "powerjoint" and seems to be a standard, even the head of the pin is different, I suppose not the shape. Anyway for my Ventura Keppler Surf Shop in Pforzheim has sold me a (pricy) Bic joint who works perfectly with both Ventura and Echo, it has ha way thinner head than older Mistral.
The older Mistral, similar to the one made by Starboard, has thicker head so curiosly doesnt work on Ventura, but I'm reducing it with a grinder to make it fully compatible with my Ventura.
So if even the starboard is a "powerjoint", if you don't find the original Starboard one, a Bic sould be compatible, here I can fine it cheap at Decathlon. Pay attention that the Bic has a weird and imho useless side wing to fix the uphauling rope that has caused big scratches on the eva surface of my Ventura, so I've now cut it away and I suggest to tho the same before having the surface of the board signed or scratched.
Anyway I'm interested in knowing from Starboard staff if the Phantom Joint is compatible with the powerjoint standard and so with Bic and (new) Mistral, or if it's different. And I also would like to know about the choice by Starboard of a nice and thick kardan joint instead of a rubber one, if this can give advantages in raceboarding compered to a classic rubber one, even a thick boge one.