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13th January 2013, 07:06 PM
Guys, the registration seems to have been blocked today so I decided to bring up my question into this forum which does not require registration. I would appreciate your comments if you have any experience with the below mentioned boards.

I sail in Alacati and race mostly in National races and sometimes join PWA and IFCA. I weigh 82kg but can handle 9.5 and 127 with no problem (happily) with winds up to 15 knots. Considering the flat water and not too strong winds in Alacati 8 to 30 knots during the summer time but between 8-25 knots 90% of the time,

In 2012 I had 127 117 and 107 which was giving me good choice in medium and light conditions but was little risky in high winds. This year After all what I have read about Isonic 110, I thought that I can eliminate the former 117 and replace it with I sonic 110 and skip 107. This would spare me a board that would close the gap for higher winds 20 to 30 knots.

All in all my thinking is to have a 127 and 9.5 at light wind.

When the wind is mainly at 14 to 20 knots range I would use my 110 with either 8.6 or 7.8

If the wind picks up to 20 knots or more then I would take a 97 with 7.8 or 7.0 or 6.2. (although 6.2 will be used probably only few times per season).

Do you think that this is a wise selection of boards. Would there be too much gap between 127 and 110?


13th January 2013, 09:31 PM
it seems you have posted many of my similar doubts!
I'm a bit lighter than you but I'm used to sail in a powerfull mode (FW background) so 127/9,5 is one of my favourite combo.Problem comes when it's not totally flat and when it's more than 15 kts.As Sean120 posted elsewhere it's not a straight line issue but the efficience in gybes while in the pack.For light guys it's much more difficult to be "slick" with the 85 than the 80,5.
As where I live we have many chance to race in 9,5 wind I've decided to hold on with the 127 but bought the new 117 as the 8,6 is another important size for our spots.I wonder if I will be able to skip the 127 but,according with the test session of today I really doubt...
As well as,so far,I think the 117 will hardly suit the 9,2 for such light air and comp...
Hope to figurate out very soon ALSO the high end of the 117.Sometime I think the 110 would have been a better choice (to replace my trusty 107) but,as far I know,it seems to be targeted to heavy guys for 8,6/7,8.According with PWA isonic insider the 107 will be better in choppy/7,8. Once more it's not a straight line issue but a gybe problem for relatively light guys.
So,according with that,I've decided to give the 107 a new chance but,as soon as I can properly test the 117,I'll see if switch down to 97 or not.

Now,please,would you give me some more info about Alacati in july?
It seems Slalom JYM 2013 will be there and Ifca rule is 4/2....
Is the 9,5/127 a much used combo? What's the common summer condition and the most used combo?
Any detail will be welcome.

Thank you

14th January 2013, 06:53 AM
Alacati is pretty flat with little chops until the wind exceeds 20 knots. Therefore, I believe that according to Remi IS 110 will have an advantage over 107. I suspect that it is psychological for most of us to "trust" a board. We have been conditioned to think that narrow means fast. But it seems that the wet area below 110 is less than 107 and therefore Remi claims 110 to be faster than 107. Sometimes when a new product is launched the comments are a bit more complimentary than usual but I trust the Starboard guys that they tell us what they really believe.

Regarding 127, yes it is very common in Alacatı. But about half of the 127 users use it with 9.5 other half with 8.6 so it is a bit of preference of the individual user. I would personally never risk to go below 85 cm wide for my lightest wind board.

Take care

14th January 2013, 12:05 PM
i am glad you suggest an 85 cm minimum for light wind boards using large sails
i tried a 10-oh on an 80 cm board with a 53 cm fin and that was fine when winds were ideal
however, sometimes conditions are NOT ideal and then the large sail became a struggle

since then i purchased an older 94 cm wide free formula
this handles the 10-oh much better in all conditions
and now i know that i can down as far as 85 cm :-)

14th January 2013, 12:33 PM
would you please tell me what's the usual light wind there? Is it gusty and patchy or steady light?
Don't like 127/8,6 combo at all,prefer 127/9,5 or 117/8,6.
Is the 7,0 frequently needed?


14th January 2013, 08:22 PM
I prefer 9.5 with 127 or 8.6 with 117 instead of 8.6 and 127 but the former option requires two boards the latter requires one board. Theoretically one could have 127, 117 and 110 to be perfectly covered for light and medium wind but then there would be nothing left for the high winds if your limit is 3 boards.

Considering to move down from 127 to 110 opens the door for a smaller size such as 97 which would easily cover the 20-30 knot range.


Do you have any thougths or suggestions??

14th January 2013, 10:15 PM
Hi Unregistered

Alcati is very particular place with Extrem flat water compare to all the other PWA events, so boards use to race over there have to be bigger than in open sea.

127/9.5 is the right choice because very often their is not enough wind at the mark and big equipment will make the difference.
Then for 8.6 & 7.8 recommend the 110, who is faster than 107 & 127 with 8.6.
Then the last board will be the 97 in 7.0 & 6.2

Hope this help

All the best

15th January 2013, 06:59 AM
Thanks Remi,

You confirmed my preference that was shaping already based on review of the existing comments !

I had the opportunity to test the 110 last fall with Chris but could not find the time. Now I am excited to try the real thing that I intend to pick up this weekend.

Have a great year.

15th January 2013, 07:13 AM
I have bought the new 117 hoping to be faster than the 127 (75kg) just for Alacati as it's a very salt water spot and,maybe,boards float better even with light air. Am I wrong?
Tested it in such light air vs my buddy's 127/8,6 with a 48 (just to test it and because have no right fin size yet) and I've seen I had (8,6) the same speed in the track as long as there was wind pressure in the sail.Got stucked in dirty air in the lulls.No way to be quick after gybes.
At the moment I'm not sure the 9,2 makes for big gain in those light air days.

Remi,what are in your opinion the right fins sizes for 117 in Alacati?

15th January 2013, 12:21 PM
Hi Unregistered

At 75kgs the iSonic 117 with 9.2 and Z Fins 44/46 soft - you should be more efficient than 127/8.6 who is really not my favorite combination.

117/9.2 is Steve Allen weapon at 78 kgs so should be good for you too ;)

Hope this help

All the best

21st January 2013, 01:31 PM
Hallo Remi,
tested the 117 few times now (always with the same 8,6 and same carbon fin 42).
Test sessions were done in any condition the board is supposed to be performant:12-22 kts.
Having used the 117w 2012 with the same sail and a 41 (same fin brand) I can confirm that this one delivered a better feeling.So far I've never felt that kick ass that makes you step forward when a gust hits the sail.
Didn't understood if it's a fin size or bend stiffness issue but it's what I've found out.Note that planning was not a problem,even is 12 kts.I'm talking about instant accelleration.The 117 2013 (used with that fin) seems like the 127 ride.
Should get new fins later this week and will test more.

Rear Footstraps:all the way back
Front Footstraps:all the way in front (maybe need to rear them a hole)
Mast base:3cm back respect the sign

22nd January 2013, 12:36 AM
Hi Unregistered,

To make a clear test you have to have the same sail, same fin and same approximatively weight rider then swap to see the real difference. Just by feeling is definitely not enough and fin can make a huge difference.

Actually my best fin for the 2012 117 Wide and 2013 117 is the 44 with 8.6 & 9.2 and my best foot straps position are totally in the back for the back one and in middle in the front one.
Some fins who are working really good on this boards : Deboichet R16 44, Drake Slalom DW 44 Ready to Race & Z Fins 44 S-

Mast base is only 5mm behind the recommend position for both., boom height correct.

Hope this will help you, do know hesitate to keep me up date.

All the best

22nd January 2013, 06:03 AM
I agree about the way to test.
Me and my buddy (similar weight,ability and usually same speed) tested both boards with no sail settings change.We started using our own stuff,then swapped boards (complete of fins) and then only fins.
As told you,on the 117w,the 41 S- worked quite good as well as the 42 S (same brand) almost anytime tested.And it happened using the 8,6 and 7,8.
Can't say the same with the 117 2013.What disappoint me is the fact that it didn't work even in steady wind and difficult messy chop (where that kind of foil is supposed to make a difference).
Next time I'm gonna rear the front straps setting (I've put them so far forward in order to replicate my 127 footstraps distance) and will see what's gonna happen.Do you think I should move forward the base plate? Why?
We are currently using a fin brand that is proved to be good with Starboard.
As soon as I have next test I'll be back here posting.