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22nd May 2007, 08:31 AM

I have a s-type 2007 115Lts and I am looking for a fin that can make
the board a little more loose, I saw a post where Kevin says about
the tectonics tomahawk, how this fin works compared to the stock fin
that come with the board?

I sail with a GTX 7.5 80% of the time and
20% with a remedy 6.4 and I weight 82Kgs. I like jumps and jibes.

What could be a good fin to make the board more loose?

Would a tomahawk 34 for the smaller sail and a tomahawk 44 for the bigger sail be
a good choice?


Ian Fox
23rd May 2007, 06:41 PM
Hi Bonadio,

In general with the ST's you will loosen the board by running a smaller fin, rather than larger (with obvious tradeoffs to performance, most noteably in marginal conditions).

With 7.5m you're over the ST115's sail sweetspot size range, and the ST115 certainly won't be at it's loosest when over sailed; plus with adding extra fin to try and match the bigger sail really takes you further from where you want to be - if extra loosness is really the aim..
(Tip: Borrow a 42-44cm - anything fast and raked and try it. you'll probably feel that "keel" like tendency that will be there with anything that big, Tomahawk or not, anything above 40cm is big in this board and definitely doesn't compliment the rest of the boards design/ride..)

In 6.4 conditions, especially in powered 6.4m, then taking a smaller fin than stock 38cm FreeSlalom Swift will definitely help, and yes a Tomahawk (or similar) in 34 or even 32 would be a good choice.

Cheers ~ Ian

24th May 2007, 08:38 AM
Hello Ian

I wil try the larger and the small fins

Thanks for the answer