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4th January 2008, 03:00 AM
I don't mean to boast (well, actually I do) but I got out 154 times this year. Woo hoo!

I posted a wrap-up with interesting figures and stuff on my blog, to which I am shamelessly trying to attract visitors.


4th January 2008, 06:10 PM
well, 2007 sure sucked. Blasting days for me were in total about 8! total surf days was like 20 max. i was eighter busy with studies or i couldn't get a lift to my spot. I had to amazing days in france with 27+ knots and i had 3 more days in sicily (could have had more but my mom wanted to move on) and then likfe 3 more 12 knot days on my own spot late spring (i should have gone in july and end of september, we had an exceptionally windy summer but i was unable to go). Appart from learning A LOT (lightwind freestyle in particular) and surfing some really exceptional places 2007 didn't offer me much to scratch my itch with. Gonne make 2008 a better year, a lot better (hopefully i'll be getting my driverslicense crap sorted before march)

4th January 2008, 09:41 PM
Nice blog James! How do you keep an eye on every single session with winddirection, board and all that?? Do you have a form or anything where you type it in everytime?

My year has been fantastic too! I have been a lot on the water (haven't counted them all though, only from July). In July I went out 20 times. In sep. and so on it has been like 15.. But now in the colder periode it is of course less. I am looking very much forward to the coming season.

Surf's up and wishing good wind to all of you.

4th January 2008, 10:43 PM

Thanks! :) Glad to hear you had a good windsurfing year, too.

I kept track of sessions by writing them down on a wall calendar whenever I came home from windsurfing. It became a fun post-session ritual. At the end of the year I typed it all into Microsoft Excel to do the graphs and stuff.

7th January 2008, 03:16 AM

Nice statistics. Here are mine for 2007 :
# sessions : 144 (January-November)
TOW : 329 hrs (average 2h 16 min; range 0.25-7 hrs)

Non-planing TOW : 92 hrs (April-October; 36 sessions; Serenity + 11.0 m2 sail; wind range 1-7 knots).
Planing TOW : 237 hrs (January-November; 108 sessions; Acid 62/Kombat 86/Hypersonic 105/ 3.3-11.0 m2 sails; wind range 7-45 knots).

Cheers !


7th January 2008, 03:24 AM
How do you keep an eye on every single session with winddirection, board and all that?? Do you have a form or anything where you type it in everytime?


You can use this website to record and keep track of each of your session :


Cheers !


7th January 2008, 05:13 AM
Cool stuff, JM. :)

8th January 2008, 12:30 AM
I won't bore you with details, but I have recorded every sailing session for the last three years, since I got a gps. I record date, top speed, average speed, time on the water, distance sailed, board used, sail used, fin used and sailing site.

2005 - 52 sessions
2006 - 63 sessions
2007 - 48 sessions (not a good year for wind)

Mostly on weekends and holidays - I am a married, working man, but did get in a few late afternoon sessions during the work week. Would like to get more tow, but have to balance work, wife and sailing.

Those with more free time could easily get over 100 good sessions a year in north Texas.

Yesterday was my second outing of the year. 18 to 35 knot winds, which was more work than fun. Very over power on my 4.0 in some gusts. Big wind shadow near shore, so those on sinkers were swimming from time to time. I was on a 105 L board, which wasn't happy in the wind gusts. It was 78 degrees F yesterday, a little unusual even for north Texas. Water in the upper 40's F.

9th January 2008, 12:12 AM
I should define "good sessions" from above. For me it's planing...........

In my above post 90% of my sailing sessions are in planing conditions. The remaining 10% of the sessions are sub-planing in a few regattas.

This means that 90% of my sessions are in 10 knots plus, which is generally my minimum for going out. In these marginal conditions, I am on a Starboard Formula 160 and a Maui Sails TR-3 11.0.

9th January 2008, 01:29 AM
Cool site Jean-Marc! Looks great! Think I will count my sessions this year... It's fun to look back at it when the season has gone...

Del Carpenter
10th January 2008, 10:49 AM
84 times for me in 200. 7 of those were on ice with a sail rigged to a modified toboggan. The number will go up in 2008 because, 1. I'm retiring at the end of May, and 2. I just got a used 106 cm skateboard with a mast base attatched that will let me use a small windsurfing rig in a parking lot which I am going to count as "sailing".