View Full Version : Kombat 114/122 small sail advice

7th January 2008, 11:04 PM
Hi everybody!
What's the smallest sail you tested on 114 and 122 kombat's?
Will 5,0 wave sail works?

Thanks for help

8th January 2008, 10:20 AM
Any smaller sail can work on a bigger board, it just will be outside its comfort zone (the opposite doesn't hold true). 5.0 sounds just a little too small for a 114 and smaller yet for a 122, but might be just the ticket for very flat water or very gusty conditions where the holes were big. I'd put a smaller/more wavier fin on though. Generally, though, by the time you have enough wind to power a 5.0 at most venues the water will be choppy enough that the big board will have a harsh ride, and may be difficult to control from the air getting underneath (not like a really big board though).

I've only sailed smaller combats at demos, don't own one, so hopefully you'll get better than my general advice.

8th January 2008, 02:05 PM
I sailed the original Aero (predecessor of the Kombat 114) with a 5.0. Ar poster #2 says,, its not so important which kind of sail it is as long as its some kind of freeride/freestyle/wave sails. I don't think a 5.0 race sail would be such a good idea (unless on a super flat speed course if you're aiming to set a Kombat 114 world speed record).

As for fins and straps, with a wave fin and straps inboards, you will get a kind of softer ride, but with a freeride fin and straps out, you will be able to more ride over the chop and if you're used to sailing the board in freeride mode, this can be easier (to the point where you get serious tailwalking and board liftoff).