View Full Version : Q for Remi. Differences Is 133 (2009)/131(2010)

Jan W
3rd February 2010, 04:51 PM
Hi Remi,
I am still looking for an other board to replace my 135 Is (2006). My first option is the 2009, because it is less expensive. My dealer told me ,that there is less difference in the two models, except the finish( wood/wood-carbon). I think he is right, because they differ only almost nothing in length ,width and tail-size.
Remarkable is the difference in fin size.
The 2009: 40-56.
The 2010: 48-64.
Can you explain it or is it a mistake in the leaflet.
Further gratulations with your good position in your last match.

6th February 2010, 10:40 AM
Hi JanW,

If you compare the iSonic 133 Wood 2009 to the iSonic 131 Wood/Carbone 2010, their is big difference to get planning and acceleration. There is and average of 520 grammes differences but also the 2010 is much stiffer and this help a lot to get planning and accelerate. Concerning only the shape, you have also modification on the rails and Cut aways who help you to get better planning and better glide so top end speed. So all together the 2010 this board is better by quiet a lot.
For the fin is better to play between 48 and 52 for sails between 8 and 10, the recommand profil is the R16 who give you the lift who need this board.

Hope this help

All the best