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28th June 2010, 02:33 PM
Hello again,
I got a Rio S Sport board this summer and I've been on the water 6 times with it. It's mainly light (but gusty) winds on the lake, so my sails are 6,5 and 8,0 Severne NCX. The footstraps are now in the mid position, even though I use only the front strap (not enough courage to use the back one...). I'm learning to use the harness, not really planing yet.

So here's the question: does Rio S behave like Go when I'm not using the daggerboard? I mean, if I practise with Rio to go upwind with no daggerboard, am I able to do it with a board like Go too? I have a 48 cm fin (the red one which comes with Futura). I really like my Rio, it will stay in our family as a light wind board. I'm just dreaming that this summer I'd able to plane with Rio and next summer I could have a bit earlier planing board. Would Go make me happy then? (hopefully my weight is around 60 kg next summer too)

Have a nice summer and thanks for all the great answers and tips you share here!

28th June 2010, 08:33 PM
Hi *MC* and welcome to the WS School Forum.
The answer to your question is YES!
The Go and the Rio S handle very much the same when you keep the centerboard
on the Rio S in the up and stowed position.
So also yes, if you can stay upwind on the Rio S without the centerboard, you will be
able to do the same with the GO.
What keeps you out of the rear footstrap?
Perhaps not enough wind....?
The Rio S (at your weight) would plane at about the same windspeed I would think.
I'm not sure the GO is the "earlier planing" board that you are looking for.
Something like the Futura 155, with your 8.0 NCX would probably plane a bit earlier than
the GO.
What you need for early planing is width, and a lighter weight board is usually better for
lighter weight sailors.
Put a larger fin (60 cm) in your Rio S and see if you don't get planing sooner.
You are not up to the full potential of the Rio S (what year model... 2008/2009/2010 or
the older style from previous years) until you have the footstraps all the way back and have both feet in the straps.
Hope this helps,

3rd July 2010, 02:40 PM
Thanks for the answer.

I don't think my skills are good enough for Futura next summer but it was nice to hear that I can skip Go and keep practising with Rio. My Rio S is year 2010 Sport-version.

I have "used" the rear straps so that I push my toes against the side of the strap. Just a stupid feeling that if I ever push my foot in the strap, I'm not able to get it out quick enough when needed :o So I guess it's a quite long way with my Rio before I need another board :)

I was already told to get the footstraps to the "advanced" position but I feel everything but advanced so I guess the mid position is ok at the moment. Well, sometimes it feels like I should be further back because of the harness lines.

But thanks for the good news, my sponcor is very happy to hear that Rio keeps me busy for a while. A larger fin will be the next thing on the shopping list :)