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Default carve or s type?

I have been recently using a carve 101 (borrowed from a friend) which i absolutely love for the following reasons: Stability, manouverability and general ease of use. I made a large drop in terms of volume from really a 140 ltr down to this board and i have been so impressed with how easy the carve 101 has made the transition. its also very good fun when your out there.

On the other hand i have been looking at the s-type 104.

My main question is whether i risk losing the things that i love about the carve in choosing this board! Bearing in mind that i am currently in the process of learning to carve gybe, (im well on my way but needs attention!)

I guess it may come down to a safe bet on the carve and the search for extra adrenaline when using the s-type!?

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, James
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Default RE: carve or s type?

Hi James,
The Carve 101 is the logical development of the venerable Carve 99, (the the board for all reasons and seasons).
So it's very versatile, almost gybes by itself, and has a really incredible range of use.
But then you know most of this already.
The S-Type 104, is a little faster, has a slightly narrower range of use (overall, but mostly on the lite wind end of the spectrum), and is a bit more technical to sail and gybe, but if you've adapted so easily to the Carve 101, the S-Type 104 might be not be difficult for you at all.
Best bet is to find a demo and try one out, but I don't think you can go wrong either way.
Hope this helps,
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Old 3rd February 2007, 07:47 PM   #3
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Default RE: carve or s type?

I have been in a similar situation a few year's ago. Had a carve 121, really loved it. Leaned all the basic things on it. In the end I find the carve just a lilltle bit boring..So I turned to the S-Type 115 and no regrets. More challenging to ride, but it give so much more back in terms of speed, direct board feeling and fun. No rides have ever since been closed to boring, just pure blasting )

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Default RE: carve or s type?

Hey, yea I was in exactlty the same position a few days ago, thinking whether to get an s-type or a carve, I went to the local windsurfing shop and asked the response I got was not what I wanted to hear, "you have to put 140% into the gypes on an s-type and on a carve you only need to put about 80% in"... I was gutted HOwever we got talking and the man said that I should be looking at a carve, which i was looking at before the s-type... SO the outcome is > im now looking for a carve 111/122. Like you im not exactly perfect at the carve jibes yet... so maybe go for a second hand carve, then after you get the hang of those jibes sell it and go for the dream blasting board, unless of corse you are into/ going to get into any freestyle moves, in which case the carve or something like the new kombat aero's (117) which are freeride/freestyle also ... so yea im going for the carve, and putting as little effort into those jibes as possible with a great outcome :P
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