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Smile need some help with this hairline cracks + fin sizes for Futura 111


I'm pretty new here. And I picked windsurfing again since, well too long I guess. Anyway I bought myself the Futura 111 [ this years model] .
And I have so many questions to ask.
First [see pic] I noticed some hairline cracks underneath the sticker at the tail of the board. There are no dents or it does not feel soft underneath or around the fractures so nothing has hit this part.. just these 2 hairline cracks that become a little smaller if i push them together. What could this be? is this the sticker that is broken? I know these are little things .. but she is may baby now .. and I just want . well I was a litlle worried ..does anyone see this before?

I also made a little dent at the back just next to the anti-slip it's a small dent but the paint did crack a little .. a little bit of epoxy filler would easily take care of that with some white enamel or epoxy paint to finish off I think .. or does anyone have a better suggestion.
I guess my mistake was to think like I used to that I should be able to rest my boom on the tail part of the board while doing a waterstart so that the board helps to keep the dial afloat, meaning I put my boom very [too] low and somehow damaged the board a little. .....

I would also like to know what kind of fins you guys are sailing under the futura 111. I liked the stock the 40 cm venom C3 but bought myself an additional MC RC2 [44cm] for when there little wind and a 36 cm SL [MFC -fin] to use with my 5m arrow sail .. although I experience so many spin out's with it .. that I need to get a smaller fin with it.

My weight is 71 kg 1.75 m and I sail the 2010 gaastra vapor 6.7 and 7.6 + a 5.2m arrow trixx sail and an ancient [15 years] gaastra slalom Pro 6.2 m. SInce my girlfriend is learning to windsurf I surf now in 12 to 20 knot wind mostly flat/choppy water with small waves

thanks for all the input ..I think it's quite a fast board and I am very happy with it

What kind of fins to your guys /girls use with what kind of sail/wind .. what is the biggest fin and what the smallest you put underneath it?

aloha Philip
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Take out the vent plug & put the board in a dark, cool spot. Wait until mid day when it is hot & put the vent plug back in the board then place the board out in the sun. Get a little soapy water and dab it on your cracks. If it bubbles your board needs repair. If this years modle it should be under warranty as there appears to be no impact that caused them.

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okay i'll give it try .. just to be on the safe side ... I hope it just the sticker
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If the cracks dont go past the edge of the sticker then it should just be the sticker that has cracked.
Fins - the C3 Venom fin are great fins, and are very quick off the wind and very forgiving. These are my favourite fins, and you can use these fins as free ride fins or speed fins. If you want better upwind perfromance then you might want a stiffer more upright slalom fin. I cant comment of the other fins as I are'nt familiar with these.
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