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Default Older race sails vs new designs

I'm coming back to windsurfing after a six-year layoff, and any advice would be appreciated. My old sail quiver is 1999-2000 5.5, 6.5 & 8.0 Gaastra Total Flow with the twist top and 3-4 cambers. I'd like to update and add some larger sized Severne or Neil Pryde, but how does the sizing compare? Does my 8.0 tight leech equal a larger size new design sail? I'm 73kg, advanced intermediate with a new F2 Lightning Race Hybrid and a 145 litre F2 Stoke. Thanks!
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Default RE: Older race sails vs new designs

Hi Jerry,

That's awesome that you're getting back into windsurfing. I think the sails that you have will be fine for starters and will match your smaller boards fairly well. I would use them hard until they break.

For the Hybrid, you should get a sail between 9.5 and 11.0 meters squared. Most people use 2-cam freerace sails for hybrid boards. Just make sure you have a big enough mast and boom for it. This big sail will probably be your most-often used since you live in an inland area.

Good luck.
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