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Default What light wind board ???


I am a 100 k sailer whose light wind gear consists of a Fanatic mega cat (still great fun to sail in light airs to 20kts but slow to plan compared to a formula board - although I have reached speeds of 24+) , a starboard carve 145 (easy board to sail but slow top speed - again 24) and a F2 Xantos 295 (this is faster 27+ and can handle a bigger sea) I use Ezzy infinity's, 6.6,7.5 and 8.5 and a tushingham Lightning 9.4 which are great,I have tried a friends North warp 10.9 which I found very heavy and uncomfortable to sail.
I am now getting fed up with friends with formula gear planing earlier and going faster in 8 to 15 and having tried formula boards I'm not a great lover of 1m boards with 70cm fins and was wondering if there was an alternitive eg a big modern slalom board like a - 2006 Starboard Isonic 135 for example.I am looking for something 2/3 years old as funds are abit tight.
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I have a 105 kg friend who is using a 2005 Carve 161 (256 x 82 x 54.3 cm OFO) with the stock freeride 52 cm fin and a North freerace 9.5 sail. Planing as of 12 knots of constant wind. To enjoy much lighter wind below 10 knots, he's now using a Formula, 70 cm fin and a Code Red 11.0 sail.

Another 98 kg friend who was using a 2006 F-Type 148 with stock 56 cm fin and Gaastra race/freerace 9.8 sail. Planing as of 10 knots of constant wind. Using now 2007 iSonic 155 and Code Red 11.0 sail to enjoy winds lighter than 10 knots.

Another 95 kg friend who is using the Phantom Race 380 with a NP V8 9.5 sail. In low wind with the 85 cm daggerboard down, he told me that he can cruise all over the places and is faster when other guys on their Formula gear were schlogging. As soon as the wind is strong enough when the board raises over its own bow wave, it's time for him to push the daggerboard up and starts planing very easily.

So, these 3 examples above might help you to figure out what could be the best with your 9.4 sail. Several alternative to 1 m wide Formula and 70 cm fin are :

- 2005/2006 F-Type 148 (222 x 96 cm x 67 cm OFO) with stock 56 cm fin,
- 2005/2006 F-Type 158 (231 x 100 x 73 cm OFO) with stock 64 cm fin,
- 2006 iSonic 135 (228 x 80 x 54.8 cm OFO) with stock 42 or aftermarket 48/52 cm fin,
- 2006/2007 Hybrid Formula (297 x 82 x 64 cm OFO) with 70 cm daggerboard + 60 cm fin,
- 2007 iSonic 145 (224 x 88.5 X 60.2 cm OFO) with stock 52 cm fin,
- 2007 iSonic 155 (222 x 95.5 x 66.8 cm OFO) with stock 56 cm fin,
- 2008 Phantom Race 380 (380 x 70 x 52 cm OFO) with 85 cm daggerboard + 44 cm fin.

Cheers !

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thanks for taking the time to post a very detailed reply !!!!!

cheers stephen
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