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Default Warp F2007 vs RS Racing

Hi to everybody, I am 82 Kg recreational sailor experienced but not pro and I'm looking to buy a fast and considerably soft new race sail around 7.8 for the new Isonic 122. I'm between the RS Racing and the Warp F2007 since up to now I always had race sails but I would like a more experienced opinion from you guys regarding top end and feel for each sail. Also I would like to ask if the RS racing works with the X6 instead of the X9 mast.
Thanks in advance, best regards.

PS : Wind conditions where I sail gusty between 10-20 Knots.
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Hi Superidis,

not a team member, but I can suggest a couple of ideas from my personal "average guy" experience and plain logic.

To me, "fast + soft" requirements can have one only "best answer" among race sails and that is Maui Sails TR-3(4). Everybody will confirm that those sails are extremely fast, and everybody will swear that thoroughbred race sails simply don't come any softer.
More than that, you will see that Neil Pryde and North top sailors are big guys well over 95 kgs. (AA, BD, MB...); while Kevin Pritchard is about your weight and Taty Frans is even lighter. KP is second overall in slalom this year; Taty (a freestyler!) did some impressive racing against top slalom guys and beat many of them quite a few times. This to my eyes means that you need at least 10 or 15 kgs. more (muscle!) weight in order to squeeze out enough performance from an RS or Warp to be competitive against another sailor on Maui Sails. Now you know how much fit you are, so it's up to you.

This is not to say RS and Warps are not good; only, I am an enthusiast user of TR-3 and reckon they are designed to suit normal body frames as well as big World tour champions. And I am answering to your post because you want a soft feeling sail, which RS and Warps are usually not considered to be.
Should you decide to go for Maui Sails, the money you save on sails will help you to get the right mast (100% carbon) which is mandatory at such level.

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Hey Superidis

The conditions you sail in sound very similar to mine. I usually float betweeb 80-86kg, sail a Hypersonic (basically same dimesions as an I122), and mainly for the last 10 years have sailed pryde, but have also had some North & Gaastra rigs.

I can't comment on the new North rigs, but I can on the Pryde. I have just got the new RS Racing in sizes 8.4 & 6.7. Last year I had the RS6 in the same sizes. I use the 8.4 on the gusty 10-20 knot days and the 6.7 on the 15-25 knot plus days. The RS6 was a great sail with awesome range, you could really hang on when the gusts were up, and to be fair, there wasn't any other combo's around that were any faster.

You may also want to reconsider your sail size choices, as I have found these 2 sizes to work best over the last 4-5 years and havent had a 7 in my quiver for that time. We have an aweful lot of 10-13 knot days that a 7 just doesnt get you going, and with the range of the 8.4 RS sails, theres no need to rig down.

I have sailed the RS sails with the X6 masts, with no problems, they work great. I now have a X9 boom and consdier that purchase way more effective than a X9 mast, in added performance.

Rotation was the only problem with the RS6, and boy has that been fixed with the RS Racing. I can confirm that the RS Racing has more low end grunt, more top end and rotates like a RAF, no Bull! Even thought the dimensions are the same between the RS6 & RS Racing, the shape when rigged isn't.

I can highly reccomend these sails! Just another comment on the booms, I have found there to be little diffence between the X3 & X6 booms. The X9 has made the power transmit instantly to the board, whereas my old X6 would feel 'spoungy'. I have the 180-230, this covers 3 sail sizes, so it makes good economic sense. I have a small X3 for bump & jump. I would never consider a X9 mast now, unless you are a pro sailor or cashed up!
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Different opinion again... at that level (race rigs), and talking from experience, the right mast is way more important and effective than the "best possible" sail. My advise would be to get a top class mast even if this forces you to purchase an used (recent and in good shape) sail. Just think how much direct effect a responsive mast can have on the rig while sailing, compared to the sail that just has to develope its built-in profile and rotate decently through jibes. What makes the whole rig react to the wind by changing and continuously adjusting its shape, is mainly the mast.
Well, this is true for most race rigs out there, but a bit less true for TR-3 sails, that have a peculiar shape and tension distribution that really takes part in the rig self adjusting, but this is another story. And does not change my idea about the importance of mast.
As for the boom, I agree about its importance, with a slightly different point of view. Feeling a rock solid connection to the rig makes sailing much nicer and provides more confidence and easier control. You can achieve this by means of a greater investment in a good boom (sorry to say this, I reckon I might seem a bit obsessed with the brand, but please please please be sure to take a good look at Maui Sails carbon booms before purchasing anything else) that will last more than your sail/mast combo and will pay back over the long time. I think that a (race/slalom) carbon boom is a good choice, considering economy alone, compared to an aluminum or hybrid boom 2 to 3 times cheaper; as for sailing feel, simply there is no comparison.

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Hi superidis,

If you do intend to buy a new boom, geo is absolutely right on target in recommending the Maui Sails Carbon booms. In my opinion, the MS booms are without a doubt the best boom on the market. The design work and engineering done by boogie and the team at MS to achieve a superior range of products is truly outstanding. Looking at all the details it's readily apparent that every thing was done right and no shortcuts were taken. Really, design and manufacturing excellence at its best. I'm mighty proud to own the MS Carbon Wave 170.

If a new boom isn't in the picture right now, I would still highly recommend updating the front ends of your booms with the MS front end. I upgraded my HPL carbon boom, and the result is unbelievable. The retrofit task is also super simple too. The overall improvement was incredible, as the connection is rock solid with absolutely no slippage, and ease in which the boom attaches and comes off is unparalleled. I used to endlessly fight and curse the HPL front end line attachment and removal process, and could never get a solid connection no matter how tight I tried to make things. Do yourself a favor and look into MS front end upgrade. You won't regret it.
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