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Old 24th November 2007, 06:03 PM   #1
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Unhappy Apollo fool,,,,

Anyone else buy a first generation Apollo and now regret the choice?

Can't give it away, let alone sell it!
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Old 24th November 2007, 10:41 PM   #2
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Please expand.... what don't you like about it?

Does it plane much earlier than a formula board?
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Old 26th November 2007, 02:09 AM   #3
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I have the Apollo and in lightwind it is great, I made a new PB in national competition this year...
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Old 26th November 2007, 04:42 PM   #4
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Red face My mistake.

I have the Apollo too, and in superlight wind with it’s monster fin it is Amazing!
But,,,,I read the hype and fell for it. I wanted to believe that it would be far superior than a regular formula in light wind, and offer better all-round performance for heavier sailors than the F161. And it does,,,,,,,,, And it doesn’t,,,,,,, I was so convinced of it’s revolutionary concept that I raced out and ordered it before it was even released.

“The Apollo concept consists of a board with lower rocker, a wider nose and a wider tail combined with a softer, earlier planing rig concept. A new, powerful 75cm R13 Race fin with a reduced rake angle is included with the board to take full advantage of the efficient design.”
“The Apollo will be class legal in the Formula Windsurfing Class and inspire the currently most popular windsurfing class in the world to go for Olympic participation. It will probably provide better all-round performance than the F161 in light wind and for heavy sailors”.
“Remember what the Formula did for the Racing class and then imagine what the Apollo can do for the Formula class!.”

With it’s magic 75cm fin it does what it say’s on the box. But with race legal fins, It doesn’t even come close to regular formula boards. Given that we often race in over 10 to 12 knots.
Over a period of six months testing, my tuning partner and I found that with race legal 70cm fins fitted, the light wind performance advantage of the Apollo (it' main selling point) shrunk to almost nil (comparative tuning and testing was carried out with F159 and F161 models). At wind ranges above 12knots, it was totally outclassed. So, for an almost negligible advantage in wind under 12 knots (with 70cm fins), the price is,,,,, compromised performance over 12knots. If I want to be competitive in my formula class, I must now buy a board for when it blows over 12knots.

If the 35+ guys in our formula fleet all sailed in a series where the class was ”Apollo”, then my purchase would be relevant. However, not one other sailor I know is, has, or would race an Apollo in a “formula regatta” unless they had the luxury of having different boards for different wind strengths. And being the only one able to plane in 6 to 8 knots in a regatta with 35 other guys gets me nowhere. I can’t see our race officials allowing the fleet to start because that one guy with the Apollo was planing.. (albeit without his 75cm fin)

I applaud starboard for constantly pushing the innovation envelope. I am a dedicated Formula fan myself, and one day hope to see the best in the world racing formula in the Olympics.

But please may I remind you all that I am the fool here. I purchased before I knew enough. The mistake is totally mine. Next time I will wait for more testing and feedback before I rush out and hand over my money.

At least if the IOC accept Apollo class, I’ll be ready. Hee hee hee.

Still sailing, and still loving it.
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Old 26th November 2007, 11:51 PM   #5
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Somebody on another thread was arguing case about standardising fins for board tests;then the board is tested ;not the fin.Another case in support of that argument ! (Which was ridiculed by many !!!)
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Old 27th November 2007, 09:03 AM   #6
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Default Is it?,,,or,,, isn't it?

An apollo with a 75cm fin is an apollo.

An Apollo with a legal sized formula fin is just a big wide slow formula.
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Old 27th November 2007, 09:06 AM   #7
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Default Interesting,,,,,

Interesting to see how early the F160 planed with the Apollos' 75cm fin fitted!!!!
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Old 28th November 2007, 04:18 AM   #8
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From the promo that I read and the first reports of how the board performed, It seems to do what it was designed to do.

1. With the 75 fin or an 80 (Curtis made some of these), you have the earliest planing board around.

2. With the 70 fin in light wind formula racing, the Apollo should have the advantage in 6 to 10 knots, especially if you are a heavy weight (90kg+).

What else was it suppose to do?
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Old 28th November 2007, 12:07 PM   #9
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I am using the F161 and Apollo for competitions. The Apollo fitted with a 70cm super powerful fin gives me the chance to compete successfully in light winds against the 70kg guys. With my 92kg/185cm I make the Apollo fast, high and deep. If you guys discussing here are in the 70kg/170cm range you are wrong in the Apollo topic for competitions.
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Old 28th November 2007, 02:02 PM   #10
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Interesting point Pfaffi. I've "studied" peoples board choices for some time and generally it seems lighter people are more prone to choosing bigger stuff than heavier people. Logically, bigger people would have more to gain by going bigger to level out their disadvantage in early planing. But like in many other cases, human psychology dictates st towards rather improving what we are already good at than to focus on what we are not so good at. So, a heavy guy is less likely to give up his control advantage (by going super big). A light rider might be tempted to go for the Appollo to improve his already existent light wind advantage.
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