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Default Carve 111 2004?

I want to get a used 111 Carve.
Will 2004 model be ok?

Pictures: http://www.hydrosfera.pl/index.php?a...ski&model=2953

(I'll ask them about the condition, but just wanted to know 2004 vs. 2007)


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Old 30th November 2007, 09:04 PM   #2
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Hi, I need quick help with that.

The board is supposedly in a very good condition (for 2004 of course), the only thing that bothers me is that it comes with Drake 380 fin and the specs say 32cm.

The dealer says he can give offer me a second, used, smaller fin, something around 30 cm.

Will 38cm be ok with my 7.5 freerace sail (Gaastra GTX)?
I'm also in a process of getting a 6.0 GTX, will 38cm fin be ok, too? 30?

What do you think?

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38 seems a bit long ... i use a 36 cm fin on my 113 L board which is only 59 cm wide. The carve 111 is 62 he sais, so it might be cool, might not be ... I use my 36 with a 7.6 sail so u should be good with a 7.5er. The 30 cm fin could do the trick with small sails, like <5.3 but ppl who tested it will give u a better idea of the lot
Haiko, AKA crazychemical
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Default Carve 111...2004

Hi Marek,
All the Carves were pretty good, so 2004 is just fine as your first small board.
Yes, there were some minor "improvements" from 2004-2007, but until you have quite a bit of time on the 2004 board, you would not be able to appreciate any of the little things that make the 2007 board better.
One of the things that make the 2007 board better is the fin.
Here's the spec's on the 2007 Carve 111:
Carve 111 111 247 65.5 43.3 7.2 6.9 4.7-7.5 Freeslalom Swift 360 30-40
Here' s the spec's on the 2004 Carve 111:
Carve 111 111 259 64.0 40.1 6.6 7.2 4.8-7.2 Tuttle box Drake Freeride 320
So, for 2007 the width was 1.5 cm wider and the 1 foot off tailwidth was 3.2 cm wider, weight was about the same.
BUT, the slightly wider 2007 Carve came stock with a 36 cm fin.
So, the 38 cm isn't going to be "too big" and if you want to put a larger rig (perhaps 8.0 m2) on it to get better light wind performance you will already have a fin for that.
I read your post on rec. WS and I agree with the guys there as well.
It might be better if the dealer could find you a 36 cm fin (vs 38 cm) but you are soon going to want a 30-34 cm fin for your smaller rigs in higher wind conditions.
I used to use the 32 cm fin from the Carve 111's I had as a "big fin" in the Carve 99's I also had as the stock 28 cm fin in the Carve 99 just wasn't enough for the 7.5 Retro.
Even the 32 cm Drake Freeride was a little on the small size for a 7.5 m2.
The 32cm really was "sized" for the mid range sail sizes on the Carve 111 (in the 6.0-6.5 m2 range).
Hope this helps,
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Old 2nd December 2007, 03:34 AM   #5
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Thanks for your input, guys, I really appreciate it.

I decided to keep the 38cm fin (for my 7.5) and ask the dealer for the 32cm fin I'll use with my 6.0.
I don't think I'll be getting another smaller sail soon (I survived last season on 7.5 no-cam, and some days were just nuclear, people sailing 4-5-5.0 and me 7.5, hehe, so with my new 3cam 7.5 and 3cam 6.0 it should be even better).

Now I'm just wondering - how will I decide whether to use my F-type 148 with 7.5 sail or my new Carve 111 with 7.5...

Also I'm kind of thinking about putting my old longboard aside; the sensation of planning with my FT/10.0 in low wind and flat water is just so great. On the other hand if there are many light-wind days I may be just getting the longboard out for some cruising.

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