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Default futura 93 or 101?

Another board (size) question...

intermediate, 80kgs, pushes hard (agressive)

Equipment currently own:
Currently own a bic techno 2 118L.
sails: 4.5 North Rave +2, 5 2007 ezzy wave se, 6.4 north infinity 1993 and 7.5 2006 severne gator(another question -- would like to have a 5.8 to 6 any suggestions?)

Desired board use:
open ocean and or lake
medium to medium-high winds (would love one board that could handle light winds too but that may be a stretch; I don't know though).
Most importantly I would like a fast board and it would be great if it can handle learning jumps and loops

what board should I get? it does not have to be a futura but thought its ease and speed would be ideal. Any ideas?

Thanks in advance!
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considering you're using a 118 L board and you sail bigger sails too i'd suggest you take the 101 ... it does seem to cover most of your needs and it's be a bloody hell of a lot faster theen your techno (i once compared a bic Techno 112 from 2002 to a mistral flow 285 1999, the flow kicked the living *** out of the bic board! and i'm using understatements if you ask me, nothing against bic, but their boards are a bit slow). Also for your weight the 101 should be a good transition from the 118 and still be good enough for jumping ... though i have no idea if it'll loop though, considering that it's a freeridemachine, i doubt it'll be easy by far...
Haiko, AKA crazychemical
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