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Default Closest board to Formula: isonic or futura?

I was a Formula rider and I want to change for something "softer".
My intention is getting into plane with 9 m sail and 10-11 knots. I am 73-76 kgs. No need a board for more than 15 or 16 knots (I would change to a smaller board!).
Could anybody help me? Does anyone have experience with Futura 133 or 144? Should I go for an isonic to get early into plane?

Thank you all!
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I have the same question.
So as I have a brand new Gaastra Vapor 10.0 and mast I will using this sail as the big one.
I think that I-Sonic 144 will be my choice.

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Hi Hyper,

If you want to be closer to the Formula performances (I suppose that you have a race 9mē sail) is the iSonic 150 or 133. The 144 is more recommand for heavier personnes. If you want to race in Slalom 42 event the iSonic 133 will be the choice at contrary the iSonic 150.

After you will have the Futura 155 or 144 who are more easier but less planning ability.

All the best
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I’m in almost the same situation. Have an older Formula (260x94) that I use with 9,5 race sail in light wind. Then wind picks up I change down to 7,1 freeride 2-cam that I also use as largest sail on my Carve 121. (and then to 6,0 camberless ,maybe buy some smaller also)

I now thinking of get something between these (hopefully often to use instead of the Formula). I maybe can get last years iSonic 133 (or 145 or 155 or a used Apollo-07).

There are also Carve 161 dram but that maybe will be too much “detuned” and I can’t afford a new big Futura that maybe have been the best choice for me ?

Any advises (weight 78 kg) ?

BR Erland
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Hi everyone

I'll offer my advice since I've sailed Formula for a few seasons, and then decided I didn't want to sail mega rigs and 100cm boards anymore. I swapped to wide slalom. I believe for sailors weighing less than 80kg and sails around 9m, iS122-133 (75-80 wide) is more than enough, no need for 145.
As for the choice between iSonic or Carve/Futura (freeride/"detuned"/"softer"), no one can tell you which is better for you. It's best to try both. Many people find freeride gear easier to sail, therefore earlier planing and faster. Since everyone on this thread is a former Formula sailor, I would guess you'll like "racier" equipment better.
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