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Default formula pro-kids for adult in high winds

Hi folks,

I just was wondering if a downsized formula -as pro-kids FW- would achieve good upwind/downwind angles when riden by an adult (~80kg) in 20+ knots, say with a 8.5m2 sail. I mean, in comparison
to angles or VMG obtained for slalom shapes

I am thinking that the sacrified speed/angle compared to a normal FW with a bigger sail -although still good enough to do a upwing/downwing course- would give in return a more controlled ride in high winds.

The question is aimed to a crazy idea of a windsurfing class consisting in 2 boards (say Serenity + small FW) and one single sail 9.0m2, that should cover 2-30+kts range with 2 specialized boards (instead of a classical longboard, that will always be a compromise)

The intention would be to maximize WINDRANGE and FUN. In low winds (<12kts) this means a pure displacement hull and REASONABLE SIZE rigs, and in hiwinds this means REASONABLE SIZE again and not very scary downwind rides at high winds.

Do you think a downsized formula could give this in high winds?

Do you like this idea of a 2board+1sail course race class?

Thanks for your feedback

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