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Default Kode 102 vs Flare 106 : Early planing

What would be the minimum winds to get planing on these two boards with 6.9 freestyle sail (80kg)? Advanced rider looking to dable a little in freestyle in lighter winds (12 - 15 knts). How does the top end compare?
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I've seen some pretty impressive efficiency from the flare 98. Was watching a canadian pro freestyler full planing in 15 knots with a 20cm freestyle fin and 5.0 sailworks retro. Fresh water and 18degrees c at 300 ft elevation. Was front looping and throwing slide tricks as well. Everyone else was using their larger freeride gear. Hell, most people around here stick to 30cm fins and 110 boards well into mid 4.0 conditions. *shrug*.
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The two boards might very well plane up about the same time, 12 knots if you know what your doing. But the flare I would bet would have much better get up and go performance than the Kode. In other words, I would expect it to accelerate to a good popping speed faster than the Kode. The Kode would probably have much better top end speed however.

Learning to become efficient with smaller sails can sometimes work better than using a bigger sail I've found. Bigger sails can sometimes not react fast enough while pumping and therefor wast energy. Lets face it here you want to slide here right? any fin much bigger than 22cm is going to kill your slide. In order to pump onto a plane with a small fin you need a different kind of pump than normal [small upright fast pumps (check out Kiri's videos)] rather than big race style pumps (big sails, big fins, big widths). Other wise you'll spin the fin right put. The bigger the sail, the longer it takes a sail to reset its shape after every pump. That's why small little pumps don't work as well with bigger sails vs. smaller ones. I was using a '07 Mauisails Loco 6.4 when I found this out. I now use a 6.0 and its seems work a little bit better for me as it reacts faster and is a little bit more sensitive.

fin advice: I wouldn't go much bigger than 25cm (22 even better) for your fin. I've had experience with bigger freestyle fins and they seem to hinder performance on all levels. could have been the fin though (Gsport classic freestyle 27).
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