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Default Still in LOVE but ...

Still in love with the IS-111 that is seeing quite a lot of nice action in SF (some beautiful late afternoon days with 6.5/7.3), but ... but ... but ...

Why is Starboard using those K9 anti-twist thinghies?! On my board I have not been able to use one of them (the screw is too short by a few mm and does not catch, I will probably be able to use it once the foam compresses), they make installing the straps a pain, they work so-so (the straps twist anyway) and there is a nice easy solution that adds just a few grams ... we all know it so I will not mention it!

Actually, really, I'll mention it: give us double inserts!!!!! at least in the back! the thinghies are a pain!

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Agreed, I ruined some plugs because (short) screws weren't able to catch. *board supplied longer screws for 2009 boards.

F2/JP system is working through engaging small plastic studs arranged around the screw. I'm not sure how other anti-twist systems work but they do (DaKine etc)
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