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Default flare 99 06 or 104 06 for rodger

iam am a 40 kg kid in harnnes and footstraps waterstarting could you surgest a new board for me i was thinking a flare 104 or 99 i want to learn how to carve gybe and dont know the volume i should have to learn too. i have a budget of 400. at the moment i sail a starboard wave 88 and a alpha 160f for light winds i was looking to replace both boards with just one board or maybe keep my wave 88 and buy a board for those lighter days. if i was to sell both i would have a board for 13 knots plus.
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Hi jack,
Sorry for the delay in replying.
I've been quite busy the last couple of days.
I'm going to guess that you have located a couple of 2006 Flare boards that you are interested in.
The Flare 96 might be OK, but why do you want a freestyle board at this stage of your
skill development?
The Flare 104 is a "big boys" freestyle board, and while it could possibly work for you, I suspect it would not be a good match.
If you have strong winds alot (> 20 knots) then I'd suggest keeping your 88 liter wave board.
For 12 knots and up a 90-96 liter Starboard Trance, or a Carve 90 or Futura 90-100 liter would seem better than the Flares.
The reason that the price on the Flare boards is low is that they are not that good as an "all around" board, but then they were designed as dedicated freestyle boards.
Hope this helps,
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could you give me an apinoin on these board my budget has now gone up to 500 looking to buy somthing of years 07 08 09 i have my eyes set on a mistral sycrno 07 102 i would like to go between 100 - 110 lites now could you tell me a board that does everything as i can now waterstart and chop hop and like to get into freestyle wave sailing.
cheers jack
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Default flare 99 06 or 104 06 for rodger

How about one of those Tabou 3S 107 L boards, they look pretty sweet and I think the windsurfing place at Coyote sells them so maybe you could try one out
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