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Question which board for HI WinD Bump & Jump Gorge

Hi, I'm looking for a high wind bump & jump board, for Gorge conditions, next size up is 88L
these are my particulars
sailor weight: 65KG or 145LBs for sails 3.2 --4.2 maybe 4.7 at a stretch
primary concern is control.

I find that I like a "little" extra float for security, but may have to adapt for high wind,

the boards that seem to work for others are fairly narrow..like around 54cm.

I would welcome any /all opinions on what works for you, keep in mind please that I'm fairly light , and my sail range is accurate.

good winds
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Seems like the Evos are the most popular starboards out there; good for playing in the swell. Last year there was a guy at Doug's beach getting huge jumps on an evo, and nice carves and stuff. I'd look at an Evo 66 or 70. Definitely no bigger than 75 liters for a lightweight in the Gorge. Maybe you could rent or demo one from Big Winds for a day before you decide what to buy.
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