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Default Delamination

Enjoy the post

Last edited by nonopr; 29th October 2009 at 05:21 AM.
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Maybe my Isonic 122 has the same issue.

Can you insert pictures from the delamination?
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Have you thought about speaking to your dealer rather than spouting on an internet forum? Mistakes do happen in manufacture, or it could be that you didn't put the vent plug in correctly. I am sure your dealer will sort the problem quickly.

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Originally Posted by nonopr View Post
The question is: Will Starboard stand behind their product an deal with this in a timely matter.
Why would they not stand behind their product?

Do you always go onto an open forum before giving people a chance to respond?
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Marko CRO169
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nonopr, why did you post this question at the Free Forum and not at Ask Our Team, as this way it is more of a "rhetoric" question than a direct request for comment by Starboard?
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The requests from the distributor seem reasonable and it's what Starboard needs in order to determine if it is a valid warranty issue or not.

I also agree that the Team forum is a good place debate an issue if you feel you have been mistreated. So far, I don't see any justification to be to upset, other than you apparently received a "bad" board. It happens.
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Here in the UK you would deal with your dealer. It is with him that you have the contract. Even if they no longer dealt with their distributor or manufacturer. It is with the dealer you made the contract.

I am sure that in your neck of the woods, similar laws apply. Take the board to your dealer and tell them to sort it or you want your hard earned back, simple as that. Not really much point coming on a forum to vent your spleen, or do you think that will make your dealer work harder? I doubt it.
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Originally Posted by nonopr View Post
I am not upset. I am working with the system and in hopes to help people out in posting all the process to a hopefully succesful warranty claim.

This is not the way to win friends and influence people.

Giving a blow by blow account on an open forum of your warranty claim that at the moment has encountered no problems is rather unfair to the people who are working to resolve your warranty claim.

Some things are best done in private.

Certainly if it can't be resolved then pressure from an open forum is an option, but its early days yet.
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This thread is a bit of a curiosity. Of course, I have to admit, it's the first time I've seen it. Seemingly, nonopr edited and virtually eliminated his initial post after realizing that all his subsequent posts, with the exception his 10:19 post, had been deleted. Given that nonopr is a fairly consistent poster here, only makes the situation a bit stranger overall. However though, in light of the tone of other posters, seemingly nonopr's series of posts might have been too negative.

I'm wondering why Starboard didn't just vaporize the thread in its entirety rather than selectively deleting portions of it. Now we're left with this odd mystery.
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I had a Starboard 105 Kombat that had been used a handful of times then delaminated and blistered, Starboard would not honor this defect they gave me some line about storing it wet but never warned me not too. Seems to be a common problem to boards made in the Cobra factory.

bottom line
Starboard will not stand behind their boards.
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