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Default RioM versus JP Funster 180

Hi All,
I am a begginer trying to make the transition from no planing to planing conditions. I can tack, jibe, use the harness. I do not waterstard, and do not use the foot straps, so no planing. I am somewhat familiar with a shortboard (Naish Kailua 160 ?).
I weigh 84kg (185 lbs) and I sail mostly in 8-12 knots. Sometimes the wind can be 15-20 knots.
This is my first board and I would like to have my kids use it (age 12 & 16).
Which board do you recommend? I was looking for RioM or a JP Funster180. Any other options?
Thank you!


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With the typical wind being 8-12 knots you can not expect planing unless you have a good freeride/slalom board and a big rig of at least 8.5 m2. But even that will be challenging, especially before your skills have grown. Or then a Formula and a 11 m2 sail. But that also require skill to use well.

I think that you would benefit most from a Phantom 320. It is not a shortboard, and thus not as hip. But it actually is fun also when the wind isn't enough for planing. And it will in fact be just as fast when planing as a Rio or Funster. But of course, you need the same sailpower to plan...
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Hi Novice,
I'd suggest the Rio M for the following reasons (vs. Phantom 320).
The Phantom 320 is only 70 cm wide, so the Rio M will actuall plane
somewht sooner.
The Rio M (at 80.5 wide) is a very good compromise between a really
wide beginner board (like a Start) and the narrower race boards like the
The additional width = stability for beginners.
I've sailed the Rio M's for 3 years now, and spend alot of time on them with small trainer sails when teaching.
They go well in lighter winds, and have very good glide as the Rio M is a pretty efficient hull shape.
I have found the Rio M to be perhaps the best "transition" board ever made.
It has width (for stability) it has length ( for good glide in light winds with small sails)
it has the EVA deck (great for beginners and especially for kids); it has a good width
so that it planes fairly early and rides like a big shortboard with the daggerboard up.
It probably won't win any light wind races against the Phantom 380/320, but it will not be far behind.
As soon as the wind gets up to 12 knots, but a 7.5-8.5 m2 rig on the Rio M and you will be fully planing pretty easily.
Many seem to confuse the new Rio M's with the older Start based super wide Rio's .
Hope this helps,
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