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Question Rio or Go, and what size???

I am a beginner who gets to windsurf a couple of times a year, always with a different board and rig. So to progress I need to buy my own gear which I now have time to justify.

I live on the shoreline of a large lake in Finland. It is a low wind environment so I will be mostly sailing in 6 to 9 m/s winds with flat water.

I am a sporty kind of bloke with good balance and expect to progress fast (famous last words). With that in mind I have been advised to get a Go and not a Rio as I "will regret getting the Rio after a month". I weigh 83kg.

So if I had to buy my rig today I would get a Go 144 with a 7sqm sail, adding different sails once I work out what I am doing. Am I on the right track or very misinformed? I would appreciate some advice from people who have been through this experience or anyone who knows more about this kind of stuff.

Many thanks,
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Hi Nick,
Welcome to the Starboard Forums!
Let's see 6 m/s to 9 m/s is 11.66 knots to 17.5 knots.
OK, so now we have the wind speed and the sailor weight (83 Kg. = 182.9 lbs.).
Have you ever sailed a board without a centerboard/daggerboard in fully planing mode (i.e.
the front 2/3 of the board is out of the water and the board is planing on the remaining 1/3 (from the
front footstraps in the rear position to the tail of the board)?
Until the wind gets up to around 14 knots, I do not think you will be planing on a 7.0 m2 sail on the GO 144.
If you know how to make a true shortboard (i.e. no centeboard/daggerboard/center fin.... just the rear fin)
stay upwind already, then you will take to the GO 144 like a duck to water.
If you have no experience on a shortboard, we can help you with that.
It won't be the easiest of transitions, but you can do it, lots of us have done it in the past!
You will soon be wanting a larger sail (I'd suggest getting a 7.5 m2 rather than the 7.0 m2) so you can plane more when the winds are < 15 knots.
You are pretty much on the right track, if all of the parameters you have given us are there.
Less wind, and the GO 144 might not perform as well as a Rio M.
If you have the stated 6-9 m/s most of the time, then you will be quite happy with a 7.5 m2
free race sail (2 cams or no cam).
Hope this helps,
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Thanks Roger,

In answer to your question:
Planing, yes. True shortboard, no. The boards I have used all have had a retractable centreboard which I have always had retracted. I have never had a problem getting up wind but then I have always had a nice onshore breeze (if that is the right term) so I never had to slog a long way back to the shore line up wind. I guess that means I have only had to hold my position and hence my uncertainty about getting a board without a centreboard.

When you say the Rio M might perform better in low winds than the Go 144 are you referring to just the upwind ability?

Your recommendation to get a 7.5 has given me the confidence to step up the sail size. When hiring equipment the salesman always talks me into a smaller sail, trying to protect me and his gear I guess.

Thanks for all your help, really appreciated.
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Default That much wind?

Here comes "a local" with another opinion... I must tell you that if the Finnish weather is not going to change dramatically, you won't have that much wind "most of the days". Sorry to be such a spirit spoiler, but this is a fact you have to keep in mind.

I would ask you to get a 8.0 sail no matter what board you end up to choose. I guess if you're very sporty and can sail upwind with no daggerboard, I'd byu Go, but on the other hand Rio M is a great board without daggerboard (tried Rio S on holiday), too. And the daggerboard gives you courage to go to the water in lighter wind days too. If the wind dies, you're not in that much trouble if you have a daggerboard at hand. Or if you're heading to water only over 6 m/s (around 12 knots) wind, you won't have that many sailing days in front of you :-) But I guess, Go is a bit cooler than Rio.


P.S. If you check the general weather forecast to predict the wind conditions on the lake, they always give the maximum possible wind to warn those ones on the boats. There are lot of "holes" in the wind too.
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