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Default Question for Ola H


I'm looking for a new wave board and was thinking about the quad.
I'm a 73kg experienced sailor, my home spot has mainly small mushy waves and only sometimes head hight. Winds usually from 12 to 18knots. Main sail 5.0.
Wich board and size do you judge apropriated for me?

Thanks in advance,
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Hmm, really light winds. I'd say the Quad 77. I don't think going Quad 82 will gain you anything with a 5.0. If you're used to schlogging on small boards even Quad 74 will work (I was out in the conditions you describe on the 74 last week, ie up to head high and 5.0 ranging from no power to fully planing, I had the 82 in my car but was really happy on the 74....I'm 72kg).

If you prefer some extra volume you could of course also go for the 82. No worries sailing it in 18 knots.
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Thanks Ola
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Hi Ola, i have a doubt, i had a Evo 90, with 5.0 & 4.2 sails, my weight is 70kg and i usually sails in medium powerfull waves, now i want to buy a new one and i wanted to buy the quad 87 and 5.3 and 4.5 sails, but i have read that you say better a 77 or 82 l board, usually we sail with 10-13 knots wind & with smaller boards is very difficult to cross the shore break.
I must really take the 82 or with the 87 i will go ok?
I was thinking to take another 74 or 77l board for high winds because now i have an evo 70 and i have use it 5 times in three years, i always use the 90l board and i'm happy with it.
Can you give some advice?
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Default Quad 74 or 77 - for Ola H

Hi Ola H,

this year I used Quad 71 (2010). Max. sail 5,3 in lighter winds, sideshore. Now I want new board. My weight 71kg. I am not sure, if I should go for 74 or 77 (2011). I need board again for side shore (Cabo Verde), sometimes stronger wind, but mainly not very strong wind, but good waves.
Should i go for 74?
Thank you
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