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Default RE: S-Type 93 or 104?

Thanks everyone. I've decided to get the ST93 - I think this will be the best board for blasting around and to get my gybes etc back up to speed. Later will get a larger volume iS122 or similiar and larger sails (lightning 7.8 & 9.4) to blow the cobwebs away and tackle the Ledge to Lancelin etc.

Phill104 - Tushingham aren't as popular here in West Aust as I would have expected - I like these sails as they seem really well constructed (from a couple I have had in the past), are getting great write-ups for their ease of use and range, are not expensive and don't seem to be driven by as much marketing hype as a lot of the previously sails I have had (NP etc). I'm not trying to gain weight but getting back into working out (after being slack the last year whilst working away) - I seriously got into weights when i quit windsurfing as it was one of the few things I could easily find time for at home - hence I should get back to ~84kg's - which shouldn't hurt for racing.

Again thanks everyone for the advice.


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Default RE: S-Type 93 or 104?

Hi all,

Following the advise from this forum, I finally go for a S-Type 93 (06 model).

A quick feedback :
I sailled it about 10 times now in sereral conditions ranging from flat lake to choppy sea water.

So far, I am very happy with this board, the ride is crisp and nervous but still confortable. I sail it with 6,6, 5,4 and 4,7 no cam freeride sails (I am 67kg)

The speed potential seems huge and I reach a promising 29,7kts max speed.
Jibing is fine and very quick if you go firmly in the curve. Not as easy and "autopilot" as my previous Carve.

From my point of view, the only weak point is the 28cm stock fin that I was not very happy with.
I change it for a 32cm and 26cm and got much better range with all my sails.

A great board for the freeriders that love hi speed cruising !
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Default RE: S-Type 93 or 104?

Hi, I got too the ST93 '06 (I have it in Dram version) and I like it very much..
I was considering to change the stock fin, which was you brand/model choice?
How is the board with the 6.6 sail? My biggest one now is a 6.0 but the next one I'm gonna have will probably be the 6.6..
Let me know!!
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Default RE: S-Type 93 or 104?


I use Select Supercross fins in size of 32cm and 26cm. The 32cm is fine with the 6,6.
The 26cm is great with the 4,7 and still ok with the 5,6.
If your smaller sail is around 5,5 , a 28cm would be perfect.

My 6,6 is a 0 cam freerace sail (Loft O2) which is quite light relative to its size.
It matches well with the ST-93 when blasting on flat water in 15/20kts wind, but I would not go bigger in sail size.
The ST-93 is very well balanced with the 5,6 in more choppy open water.

The upgrade with the two new fins has really open the riding range.


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