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Default Wave 260 good for me?

I'm just learning water starts and have access to a larger (140L) board for learning sailing techniques etc. but recently saw a package include 4 sails (4.2, 4.7, 5.2, and 5.7) & rigging witha Starboard wave 260 88L. I way 200lbs and plan to exclusively sail the Gorge. The guy selling this says that this would be a good package for my size and planned usaage. Is this board something that will fit for me once I start getting better? It's at a great price so I'm thinking I should jump on it. What are your thoughts? Thanks
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Default RE: Wave 260 good for me?

Once you have waterstarts wired and an OK grip on jibes, that board would work pretty good. Its quite a lot smaller than your current one though. In fact, when learning water starts, its kind of good with a small board, but when practicing jibes and stuff, I think it will be to sinky and nervous. But it all depends on how determined you are.
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