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Default iSonic 133.. Why 2?

I was just wondering why there are 2 different iSonic 133 models. Is it something to do with slalom 42 regulations?
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Ian Fox
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Default Well spotted, Phill.

Actually the iS133w80 was (is ?) an early release 2008 version.

Since then, ongoing development of the iS133w85 has proven to exceed the iS133w80 in basically all respects, the w80 will be withdrawn.

Commercially this is not really an issue as orders for w80 are now bloacker (referred to w85)

For clarity purpose, w80 should be removed from this list.

Cheers ~ Ian
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Chris Pressler
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Yeah Phil, PWA Slalom 42 could go for 85 as the max. limit in 2008. IFCA already has the 85 rule.


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