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Default 03 Starboard Carve 111 Ding Repair

I just purchased a used 03 Carve and didn't notice until I got it home and took it out the bag that there is a ding in the top right in front of the rear foot straps. I took 3 closeup photos of it. I am wondering what the best method of repair would be? I have heard of dingstick but since the small crack is in the multicolored part of the top of the board I'd like to make it as least noticeable as possible and I'm not sure dingstick would be what I want for that? Isn't it white? I checked and there doesn't appear to be any water inside so it likely wasn't sailed since the mishap happened. I also read that Solorex is good but not sure if could be used on this board in this spot?

Any help is much appreciated...

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Hi spudz72,

You definitely need to repair the damage before use, and you should do the right kind of repair. Check out how to do this at the Boardlady's website below.


ps. - You can always use Dingstick as a temporary repair and pursue a proper repair later.
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yea you'll definatly want to get that repaired properly otherwise you may be out sailing and you'll find you only sailing half a board :S
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Hi Spudz72,
That looks lke some sort of "off the water" damage. Like the board whipped round and
struck a fence or a car or something.
It would be good to determine if it goes all the way through to the core.
Open the vent screw early in the morning when it's cool.
Then close the vent as the day starts to warm up.
Get a little soap and water and put it on your crack and see if any bubbles form.
If so, then the crack extends through all layers of the sandwich and into the core.
If not, then the crack is probably superficial.
Either way, it would be good to get some West Systems or other 2 part epoxy resin and
mask off the area, mix a little resin, filll in the crack with the resin with a little resin around the cracked area.
Best to do this with the vent having been open durning the heat of the day, then closed tightly as the sun goes down to create a partial vacuum inside your board to "draw"the resin into the crack.
If, when allowing the board to "warm up" inside, with the vent closed, you see any water drops coming from the crack, it would be good to 2 a few cycles of close the vent
in the morning and let the board heat up in the sun to push the moisture out of the core, until it stays dry through a cycle or 2 then fill the crack with the resin the following evening as the board cools and will pull in your resin.
Solarez, ding stick, and similar products are not what you need as they only sit on top of the damge a cover it over like a band aid. Get some thinnd resin or penetrating resin and do it right.
What ever resin you use may eventually yellow, so if you want the board to look like new, probably best to take it to a professional like Eva (The Board Lady) or Donnie Bowers @ Fox Watersports in Hatteras. They will dig out the crack, fix the damage, then repair/repaint/airbrush so that the damage won't show at all.
Hope this helps,
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