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Default useful site for travelling with windsurf gear

Please excuse this piece of blatant pimping, but I want to draw all your attention to a resource which should be useful to any travelling windsurfers who use this forum. I know how annoying it is to live in a world of spam and I wouldn’t be doing this if it wasn’t genuinely useful (and free)!

The site is called Oceansource.net and is designed to make it easier to travel by air with your kit. It has a list of nearly every airline in the world and full details of their policy for passengers flying with watersports gear. The idea is that you can quickly and easily check how much it will be to take boards with any airline you’re thinking of booking with, without having to search their websites or spend half an hour waiting for a call centre to answer the phone. It will help you see the true cost of a ticket, including transporting your equipment and so help you find the best deals.

Although quite a few airlines do publish their policies online already, a significant proportion don’t, and we’ve contacted all these airlines - so there is a lot of information on the site that you can’t get anywhere else (at least not without a fair bit of hassle). A few airlines have even written a policy in response to the site which is nice. However, we’re very new and still busy chasing up those airlines that don’t publish their policies anywhere, and haven’t told us anything, so please bear with us if we haven’t got the info you need yet. We’re updating things all the time (and if we’ve missed an airline you need to know about just let us know and we’ll add it right away too).

Most important of all, we need your help to make the site really work. A lot of airlines say one thing but actually do another when you get to check in, or sometimes publish (or tell us) very ambiguous statements about taking gear, so it’s really useful to know what other people got away with when flying with that airline. Therefore after each airline there is space to add some feedback saying where and when you flew, how much it cost, how much gear you took, how you packed it and how easy the whole trip was. And if you know some good tips and scams for any particular airline please tell us that too.

So if you’ve flown anywhere with kit recently we’d be really, really grateful if you could get on the site and review and rate the airline you used. Ultimately we want it to be easy for everyone to find and use the good airlines so that the clichéd nightmare at the check-in becomes a thing of the past.

Thanks a lot!

The Oceansource.net team

Check the site at www.oceansource.net
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