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Default RE: iSonic Questions

If you can get on a plane then you should be able to go at least a bit upwind. On my FT138 54/9.5 but only 80Kg I'm already flying in 10-15 kts, don't even have to bother with pumping.

- are you only rying to point upwind after being well established on a plane?
- when trying to point are you just pressing down the windward rail (this you should NOT do instead, pull fornt foot towards you and tilt board a bit leeward and lear toward to front of the board (in your harness) and weigh those lines!)
- I think you might be sheeting in too early and too hard killing all power (and spinnig out/dropping off a plane)
- you might consider placing you MF further forward to conteract turing upwind (speed setup comes after control)
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Default RE: iSonic Questions

Hey Larry:

Glad to hear you got the F-Type. The guys at Island Sports said they had sold it, I asked if it was to you.

Try starting with the front foot in the strap and the rear foot just in front of the rear straps on the centerline. You can start in the harness or out, I start in the harness, but if so you risk a catapult if things don't go as planned, so maybe better for you to start out of the harness till you get the hang of it. When you have the wind and want to get planing, be on a beam reach or below, and give it a couple of pumps, both the sail, and the rear foot on the board to pump the fin. It should "pop" onto the plane pretty quickly (keep pumping until it does). Once on a plane you can rotate your body out and get in the rear strap, and begin to rake the sail back as you pressure the rear foot against the fin, you can head upwind pretty quickly.

If you still are having troubles, do a session or two with the straps in the middle or inner positions, that's what I had to do to get used to it, but then go to the outer straps for max leverage against the fin as soon as you are comfortable.

It is a little different technique than the narrower boards, but once you get used to it, you'll love it. I ride the F-Type so much, I have trouble remembering what to do on a smaller freeride board! I use this board for 9.5/8.5/7.3 winds and love it, as long as the water is pretty flat. If the chop is there, it gets pretty rough, time to go back to the smaller boards.

Good luck, see you soon if you go to Fogland.


P.S. For shallow water (like Fogland), I use the True Ames Shallow Water Weed fins, 51 cm for the 9.5 and 44 cm for 8.5/7.3, per Roger's input. Plenty of lift for planing, great pointing, rarely spins out (sometimes the 44 does with 8.5 overpowered).
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Default RE: iSonic Questions

Thanks for the advice...

I have to try, but I may have had my back foot too far back. (This worked on my old FF.)

Where do you guys typically put your mastfoot?

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Default RE: iSonic Questions


Per Roger's advice, mast track further back than center. Roger coaches to go almost all the way back, and if it tailwalks, keep moving it forward until it just stabilizes. That way you are riding off the fin the maximum possible. In my case I am just covering the larger entry rectangle with a Chinook single bolt base. I leave it in the same spot for 9.5 and 8.5 (mostly out of laziness, once I found a good spot, I stopped playing with it...).

Per your other question, above, you may eventually want to get a bigger fin (62-64 cm) for the 9.8 V8, but I doubt that is the reason you are having trouble getting planing consistently.



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Default RE: iSonic Questions

As MA_Pete described, that's how I find the proper mast position. As for the 9.8... on a F-Type 148, I have found that a 70cm fin works great when you are trying to get planing in super light conditions. I have a 66cm fin for when things fill in more. And I really want to get a 62-64cm fin for when the sail is really powered up. My next fin down is a 58cm -- it doesn't seem to match up well with my 9.8. Actually, I don't like it with my 7.7 either. Maybe I should ebay it. ;-)
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