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Default My wife says....

My wife says I should stop procrastinating and just order my new board, "buy two if you need them" she said.

[She didn't actually use the word "Procrastinate", but that is what she meant]

I'm sorry this is just another 'Which board" question but as you can see I need to move fast while the offer lasts !

I am a lightweight at 66 kg, and I guess I am an advancing intermediate. I sail all up and down the Eastern Caribbean, sometimes in flat water but I am drawn to the more open water looking for chop and swell to play with, eventually I have my eye on a couple of places to gently get into breaking waves. I don't feel the need for max speed, for me carving , gybing, and jumping is more fun. But , of-course, the reality is I will never be a Jason Polokow or Scott McKercher, the only thing I have in common with those guys are Rugged Aussie Good Looks and an a cool accent. No wave need ever feel it will be "attacked, dominated, or slashed" by me, if my experience as a young paddle surfer is anything to go by, I would say they can look forward to being gently caressed and treated with respect.

Now I am sailing an older Mistral Explosion of 103 l and 276cm x 58cm.

It seems I spend a good part of the year sailing my biggest sail, a 7.5, with winds in the low to mid teens. Come winter we get more wind around 20 to 25 maybe, a 5.5 is the smallest sail I would normally rig.

I have my eye on the Kombat and the Futura, but don't really know if I should have a 'winter' board for the stronger winds [ 5.5 to 6.5 ] and corresponding rougher water [ and possibly waves ], AND a 'summer' board for the 7.5 and the usually more gentle sea condition that come with it. Or if one board will cover it all ?


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John Kemsley
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OMG if she can cook you have the perfect wife
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Hi Shayne, I would really not like to see an oppurtunity like this go un-filled.
In looking at your requirements I would make 2 suggestions, 1 board to cover everything::Futura 101
2 board solution :: Kombat 89 covers the small side, & a Futura 111 the bigger side, + a little room for expansion.
good winds
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