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I have a A68 since 1,5 years and I use it with 3,5 - 5,0 in all conditions, both in Sweden and abroad. It is an exellent board for lightweights (63kg), floaty if you need that and very good in high wind also. It edges very nice when you are commited even in nasty chop. I use 3 different fins 21, 22 and 23 depending on conditions and sail size.
I have tried the E62 once in onshore 5,0 and it is a completely different board. Very nice and skateboardish, turn on a dime and keeps speed very well. Easier to make smaller turns than the A68 but I would not want this board instead as a high wind travel everywhere board.

I haven't tried the A62 so I can not compare this but the A68 comes highly recommended from me!! I sailed it yesterday with 4,2 in Sweden.
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I hit a turtle going full speed on my A66 the other day. The sun reflecting on the water made it invisible, and I was focused on making the drop, rather than scanning for obstacles. It was a baby turtle, aaargh, I felt terrible! Usually I manage to avoid turtles, but not this time. The fin took the hit, and, even though the box is still in, the board has been taking on water, it has gained more than one kilo... So my A66 is toast. Therefore, I am just going to have to get better at riding my A62 in all conditions. However, when the A62 goes, then what... Starboard, "can this really be the end..." A sad day, indeed...
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Ouch. And a little ouch for the board too.But as a complement to the A62, the PA68 must surely work. It is after all not only a different design, but also has some five years of new shaper insights built into it compared with the A66. See Mag's comment above. He used his board last friday when we had up to over 40 knots wind in Sweden. I was, as usual, on the EVO62. Lots of white water:

(I hope photographer Gurra don't mind the hotlinking from the Swedish forum)

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