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I don't want to belabor this thing, but I wanted to clarify my "cheap shot" take on your initial comments. You made the following statement in your first post:

"We lose these 2 fantastic boards and they get replaced with a board that is a Starboard Go without the EVA deck and tufskin finish. Ie - a lightweight version of the Go, rebadged a Futura?"

I think that it's readily clear that the Futura and GO lines are brand new shapes. My take on the situation is that Starboard wanted to retire the S-Type and Carve lines, and replace them with a single line that represented a performance improvement over its predecessors. So I think it's safe to say that the Futura was the primary focus point offering a slightly detuned, more accessible version of the iSonic line.

To suggest that the Futura is a rebadged lighter version of the GO line is way off the mark. I think that you would have to agree that the GO line has always been considered kind of a durable entry level shortboard at a price point. That's not a bad thing, but on the performance scale of things, it fell far short for a more discriminating sailor. As I saw it, you were in effect trying to suggest that a Futura was just a lighter weight entry level shortboard.

I think that Starboard's decision to raise the bar of their GO line by offering a more durable and less expensive version of the Futura line was an excellent move on their part. In reality, I feel that the new GO line is no longer just an entry level shortboard anymore.

So overall, looking at things from a more positive, and I think a more accurate perspective changes everything.

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Interesting thread, and to be honest Mazza'a the first person I've come across who had a bad word for the futura. I got myself an F111 and the bang for your buck from this board is outstanding. It simply does almost everything extremely well. A lot of my mates, some who are exceptional sailors and other who are beginners, have sailed the board and it put a grin on all their faces. It took them all to the limit of their skills whenever they wanted to so can't see how it could be boring if it lets you try new things. For example, one of the beginners who sailed it had never nailed a gybe, he did on his first run on the F. Why is that meaningfull, well it is because it does loads for his confidence and all of a sudden he is setting his sights on higher goals. Interestingly, the same guy then jumped back on his own board, a carve, and could suddenly gybe it too, something had just tweaked in his head when sailing the F and he took that with him. In fact most of the folks who have ridden it now have their sights on one now. It certainly is not a go, regardless what the numbers say. As a previous poster mentioned, it would be interesting to hear what the conditions were (straps, rigs, wind etc) for the demo you did. One thing I've found on the futura is it is a completely different beast when you move the straps out and back. My point is, the board has a big range of uses compared to the go, a beginner can slog it and a pro can go nuts on it...that can't be a bad thing for a single product so in fact your life as a salesman should actually be easier with the arrival of the F.
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From what I've read about the Futura, what I intend to do is rig it with the straps full out and back, find the sweet spot for the mast base, and hold on to as much sail as I can. Everyone, save Muzza, has said that it REALLY lights up the afterburners when it is well overpowered - just shy of an iSonic. May take a bit of experimentation to find the optimal sail / fin combo, but this surely is how to ride it. I look forward to trying it, but envision two basic setups - light wind / big fin / big sail, and overpowered sail / smallest fin that will work.
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