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I have a 28cm Lessacher Duo Weed (28cm S) that is actually has less total area than his standard 28cm, and it works superbly up to my 7.0. However, the board I use it on is only about 61cm wide. Yet, if Wolfgang is confident that the 28cm Formula Weedfin will work on your board, I'd trust his judgement on this.

Also, even if you plan to update your board in the near term, as long as you stick with a Tuttle finbox design, you will be able to eventually use the fin on your newer board. I would think that your fin investment can serve you for years to come, so there's no reason to think in terms of a low cost "bargain" product.
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Hallo Ocean Blue 64! I worked 15 years ago a rake 30° fin. She looks how the Chamäleon,
only other rake. The idea was Freeride and not rake 30°. She could all it. Nobody of the speedsurfer tried the fin. I forgot that and tried to work some of my upright fins with rake 30°. The half said okay, the other half lala... 3 years tried I all it, worked very small fins
may be 5-6cm wide, for speed , nobody tried the fins. Than came Chris with topspeed.
He used a weedfin. Now Martin, rake 30° fin. Now I worked such fins 1,5 or 2cm wider, all
have fun. Now it is the first time that I can say, thats the fin. She looks how my Le Wo 30
only rake 30° and a little wider.Jeseph from Australia is a Chamäleon fan. Please can
you work a 24 cm thinner. From 15 to 10mm. She is tested, fast,very fast. Is she faster
than the Duo with rake 30°.?? The Duos are 22 and25cm vertical deep. 3 new moulds for
Joseph : 20 22 24. But the most I need is 28 and 32 cm. A mould for 28 rake 30°, no
time.All it in Tuttle. Yesterday one question, please a 24 in thin, how for Joseph, okay, a
new mould. Wolfgang
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Ok I have just received an email from Wolfgang re his Lessacher fins. Even in Aussie dollars his fins are very competatively priced and I am now looking at getting one based on the recomendations through here.
Thanks for all your help.
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