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Default bigger voulme wave boards 135 to 140 ltrs

how about some bigger volume wave board for us bigger guys. im 220 to 230 lbs
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As a performance board, you should be able to use the EVO 100. Its developed specifically for heavier guys with bigger sails, ie is not only a blow up of the 90. Antoine (220lbs) marvelled at finally being able to plane as early as the light guys like Boujmaa.

But if your looking for a pure light winder, ie a floater, I think a custom is the only alternative.
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I'm 97 kgs/215 lbs and I use the Aero127 successfully as a big wave(ish) board. I have plenty of volume in reserve to tack, schlog, uphaul etc. The 127 is a very different board and it took me a year to get used to it (it's short and difficult to get started until you learn how to use it). But it reacts very beautifully to foot steering, it jumps good, jibes like a dream, and though not a speed machine it gives a kick when fully powered.

I use an 8.5 sail as max and even go down to 5.75. With a 6.5 it's my favourite set up.
The AE 127 is no longer in production but have a look at the Kombat 122..

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