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Thumbs down Goodbye Hawaii windsurf access...

Dear Sailors & Industry Members,

The STATE of HAWAII is proposing a bill will kill the windsurf business and could shut down sailing from our beaches, private land or public!


Please write a simple e-mail stating you do not agree with this and send it to:
Committee on Water & Land <testimony@capitol.hawaii.gov>

Please indicate to which committee the testimony is being submitted and the date and time of the hearing. Email sent to individual offices or any other Senate office will not be accepted.

Address your email
Re : Ocean Recreation; Sailboards S.B. NO. 2091
DATE: Friday, February 15, 2008 2:45 p.m.


Best Regards,
Professional Windsurfers Association

Copy of Jimmy Diaz letter to Committee on Water & Land
DATE: Friday, February 15, 2008
TIME: 2:45 p.m.

To Whom it may concern,

On behalf of the Professional Windsurfers Association, I would like to say
we oppose the passage of this bill.

This bill would greatly affect in a negative way a very active windsurfing
industry that has a significant economic impact on the state of Hawaii.
This impact is not only in the form of tourism, but also in the form of
businesses that have established Hawaii as a focal point of research and
development, training, retail, rental, and image capturing for the sport of
windsurfing. All of these businesses help perpetuate Hawaii as a tourist
destination to millions worldwide.

On behalf of the members of the Professional Windsurfers Association, I ask
you to vote against this bill.


Jimmy Diaz
President - Professional Windsurfers Association

P.O. Box 791656
Paia, HI 96779
Tel. (808) 283 4628
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Angry It's too late....

We own it.....

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Old 15th February 2008, 11:50 AM   #3
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For anyone needing ideas, here's what I wrote - please write, even if you think it's too late.

To: testimony@capitol.hawaii.gov
Subject: Testimony to bill SB 2091 COMMITTEE ON WATER AND LAND hearing of Friday February 15, 2008 2.45pm

To the State Legislature of Hawaii,

I am a resident of the state of Hawaii, writing to voice concern over SB 2091, Relating to Sailboards.

Passage of the bill as presented would mean elimination of sailboarding from virtually all Hawaiian waters where it is currently practiced, with grave consequences to individual freedom and to economic vitality.

Sailboarding and kitesurfing are practiced at a select number of suitable locations, for example, Kanaha Beach Park, in Maui County, and Ho'okipa Beach Park, also in Maui County. These locations present appropriate conditions of wind, waves, and access, that permit the safe and proper practice of these sports.

The majority of sailboarding activity in Hawaii takes place within a very concentrated area of just a few hundred feet, at just a few select locations like the ones mentioned. There are no other alternate areas available which present the proper conditions for practice of the sport.

In these locations, voluntary self-regulation and County Statutes are already in force to ensure that the waters are shared in a safe and harmonious way with other recreational users.

Passage of the bill would mean that the presence of just a single swimmer or surfer within 200 feet of these areas would require cessation of all windsurfing activity. This makes the proposed law unfairly restrictive and discriminatory.

As an added downfall, the law would have significant economic consequences, especially in Maui County, where windsurfing tourism and the windsurfing manufacturing and retail industries account for millions of dollars of annual revenue to the State and County. Restriction of windsurfing as per the bill would mean a decline in these revenues.

Please reject this bill, as its consequences are damaging and harmful.

Thank you for your consideration.

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Old 15th February 2008, 01:50 PM   #4
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200 feet. That kind of distance from anything is unquestionably huge. Truly, advocating that kind of distance between folks is absolutely ridiculous. If it applied to highways, there couldn't be anyone on the road. What a joke.

I can honestly say that what the State of Hawaii is considering is total nonsense. I'm not willing to consider vacationing in an area so foolish and stupid, no matter how good conditions might be.

I've spent thousands of dollars in the 14 trips that I've taken to Kauai, Maui and Oahu since 1972. If these folks want to cut off my type of tourist business, I'm fully ready to dump them. Why would anybody want to vacation and spent money in spot where they want to harrass you and make you a criminal?

As a citizen of the US, frankly, I'm embarrassed.
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Old 15th February 2008, 02:58 PM   #5
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No way guys ... that is gotta be a wind-up. They can't really be serious.

In any case, a kiteboard is smaller than a surfboard and a windsurfing board is not too much different either. What about catamarans and yachts?

No way I believe that crap, so this is what I wrote ....

Dear Sir/Madam,

It is with complete amazement that I read S.B. No. 2091.

It makes little sense when:
- surfboards are larger than kiteboards
- windsurfing boards are comparable in size to surfboards
- there is no mention of yachts and catamarans

Surely when there are 100 windsurfers out on the water, if one bikini babe drops in the water to cool down, then all windsurfers must immediately leave the water.

I am guessing this is a hoax bill and fake email address so I won't waste any more of my time.

Kind rgds,
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Old 15th February 2008, 04:08 PM   #6
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Default Don't get too complacent about pushing the SEND button on your email folks.

If you've any doubt about this being so unreal that it's bogus,
then just cruise over to the Hawaii State Legislature website
and assure yourself it's totally (sur) real..

Remember HI time is well behind most of the world,
so Friday 2.45PM deadline is still a good few hours away.

Can't say I'd desire being smacked in the face by a 14 lb waveboard,
but come to think of it it's probably less damaging than being smacked
between the eyes by a wave driven runaway 14' (114lb) super tanker..
(swum around Waikiki or D-Head lately ??)

Then there's the issue of State liability :

(imagine) "3 Windsurfers drown and 24 more were injured today at Ho'okipa Beach park in Maui County.
Witnesses report that all windsurfers were sailing safely until a lone surfer entered and remained in the water near the traditional windsurfer launch zone. With State legislation banning windsurfers from coming with 200Ft of swimmers or surfers, most windsurfers were forced to wait outside in mast high waves as the wind faded away, resulting in serious and now fatal injury as many were smashed onto the rocky shoreline as they were swept downwind, unable to safely or legally return to their original launch. Those who failed to comply with SB2091 and came ashore breaching the swimmer/surfer exclusion zone saved themselves and equipment from certain damage or destruction, but were immediately apprehended by Maui County Police, who seized equipment and cited the sailors, while assuring onlookers that they were not there to discuss the rules, only enforce them."

(sounds far fetched..yeah, right..)
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Old 15th February 2008, 07:24 PM   #7
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Clearly a case that PWA and PKWA should join forces along with industry (boards, sails, magazines, etc) but also turism, restaurants, shops, etc. and talk to local government .... What is the position of our legends? They need to act too.
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Old 16th February 2008, 02:07 AM   #8
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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
We own it.....

And there you have it.
The official quote from the real reason this is happening.
The HGA thugs strike again.
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Old 16th February 2008, 03:42 AM   #9
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What is HGA?
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Old 16th February 2008, 04:22 AM   #10
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Question Hga

Originally Posted by matt12 View Post
What is HGA?
Maybe:- Hookipa Grommet Association.
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