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Thanks AlexWind it worked !!!

Matt, if you want to give it one more chance before you throw it in the trash,,,,
Here's what you need to do.
Unthread your rope completely.
Tie a single or double knot in one end of the rope.
Feed the un-knotted end into the hole that runs through the axle of the extension pulleys, Starting at the end which we can see in your photo with the steel washer.
(your downhaul rope should be hanging out of the center of the grey roller onto the grass)

Using your pic as a guide, follow these instructions,,,
up towards you through center roller on sail,
down into mast side,,,, then UP the far side,,,,,, of top XT roller
(the one directly behind the steel washer)

now left side sail pulley starting from top feeding down toward the grass
down into second pulley on XT,,,,,
(this time you will need to thread the rope down the far side,,,,, then UP through the mast side of the pulley)

now up towards you throough the right side roller on the sail
then down into the cleat.

I have competed and trained with 9,10 and 11m race sails with the XT rigged in this way.

If you still have trouble don't forget to leave an extra 2cm on the extension.

Good luck

P.S Thanks AlexWind R'n'G,,,,FAST
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Use metal rasp on the 3 roller edges to prevent line cuts.
I do belive that roller is removable.

I have noticed that monofilm is thicker than before
Stronger in use but mor fragile when riging the sail?
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