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Hallo Roger! Dieter used F2 Thommen 270 with Stealth 7.0mē
Robert used at Jan.21 Tabou Manta 49cm with Vapor 5.5 topspeed
was 39,7knots. My topspeed with Hypersonic 105 was 32 knots , fin
was 28cm Duo Weed. Sail was with 7,6 m to big. Wolfgang
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Hello Wolfgang,
Yes, that's what I was thinking.
The Hypersonic, (which is the board that Raggy is asking about) needs a little more fin span than the F2 Thommen and Tabou Manta (49 cm wide) because the Hypersonic is much wider.
You might get away with a fin smaller than the 28 on the Hypersonic, but you'd have to really stay "off" the fin, especially when getting the board to light up.
For Raggy,
I just noticed that you are asking about the 6.6 and 5.6 m2 rigs on a Sonic 85.
For that board, I think Wolfgang's recommendations on the fins Dieter and Robert used would be applicable to your Sonic 85.
The Hypersonic, with a 7.5 m2 rig, would require at least the 28 cm Duo Weed and you could probably get even more speed with a 28-30 cm 15 deg. LE speed fin.
Hope this helps
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Originally Posted by raggy View Post
the thing is that when I beach start it tends to round up on me.
once on the plain wow its fantastic.

Please check out a short movie while beach starting the HS105.


You can see at 00:02 that the board tends to point upwind too much. The reason is that I had just a tad too much heel pressure on the windward rail, thus banking the hull upwind. I compensate this luffing up by tilting the rig a bit forward and keep the board as flat as possible.
Having started the planing and just after stepping my front foot into the front footstrap at 00:08, I moved my back foot outboard just in front of the back strap but with a tad too much heel pressure on the windward rail at 00:09, which makes the board quickly luffs upwind again.

So the best advice is try to keep the board as flat as possible on the water when starting the planing. Try to avoid banking the board with heel pressure.

Cheers !


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JM, outstanding videos on that link. The slalom vid. embodies what for me is the essence of WS. Sound track is a perfect match too.
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