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Jesper Orth
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Hi Howie

1:We don't have any feedback from any sailors using Severne Red Line 430 RDM on a 7.0 Boxer SL. The mast will be lighter and more responsive for sure.

2:We have very good feedback regarding durability on our mast's.

3: The Red line masts is full carbon, - so yes in theory they are more brittle, than the lower carbon ones. The good news on the 100% carbon is the low weight and quick response.

4: We do recomend the Red line for the best performance.

For your 3 x Boxer sails you can easily use the Severne 400 Red Line RDM mast. The curve is close to the Powerex.

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Chris Pressler
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Hi HowieP,
I am using the RDM 430 Redline in the GATOR 08 6,0 and 5,3. The mast works excellent, is super strong and has a quick response, like Jesper mentioned. Perhaps this helps you for your decision.


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New Member
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Hi Jesper/Chris,

Thanks all of you so nice.

Apart from Powerex, did you tried to compare the bend curve of the Redline RDM with that of a Gasstra C75 RDM. My Boxer SL 7.0 works well on the Gasstra mast.

Considering your comment, as well as taking into consideration the improvement on weight and responsiveness, I bascially decided to go for the Redline 430RDM. I would expect this to be my primary mast. Many friends of mine also reminded me that RDMs are build to stand punishing conditions which we seldom have here in Hongkong

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