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Originally Posted by James View Post
The futura 101 looks super badass, and there's no question it could hold the 7.3 nicely. Also, if you got it you would have board widths in 10 cm increments; 75, 65, 55, which would be cool. I guess it comes down to $$.
Well ... I am not so sure, a bit more of "geometric" width spread might be better 75 - 62 - 55. who knows

But besides is hard to compare a Futura 101 (that has the dimensions of a Carve 111) to a Carve 101 (that has the dimensions of a Futura 93).

The futura are thinner but my intuition is that what really matters at speed are dimensions (and rails and rocker, but those are fairly similar) not volume and it is hard to see how a futura 101 can be as good in chop (for example) as a carve 101 ... that is the question. Sailsize wise, yes the futura will carry more sail when powered up and will plane earlier ..

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Hi davide,

If I was in your shoes, I wouldn't go any bigger than the Carve 101 or Futura 101, especially since your primary focus is your 6.5 sail. For the range you're considering, I use a 2004 ML 8'3" Freeride that is 24" (61cm) wide and about 100 liters. It works beautifully with my 7.1 Hansen Freeride sail. Given the fact that I'm the same weight as you, I think you'll find the same kind of synergy with the 101 size, as it offers ample float in case the wind falls off and you need to slog in.

If pressed to choose between the Carve or the Futura, I would recommend the Futura, as it offers the blend from the best of the Carve and S-Type ranges. If you're going to look to 5 years of use, I think you would be happier in the long run with the latest and greatest. I know I would.
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