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Default unifibre boom

Hello guys!
Has any of you tried one of these unifibre carbon wide/booms for formula?
Any oppinions? Thanks!!!
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Old 5th April 2008, 11:00 AM   #2
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Default Unifiber FW Boom

Hello Unregistered,
I have had the biggest boom (2.60-3.20) and now having the 2.20-2.80.
The boom is not the stiffest boom there is, but also not the most expensive.
I like the wide tail off the boom, it works very smooth and is strong. A bit heavy though.
The grip is good, it stays together and thats important for me because I also have X9 booms where the grip gets off, after 1 year.

I'm gonna replace the boom head to a Maui Sails. The UNI head is okay, but there is better on the market.

I use the boom for 9.8 and 11.0m2, and for the 2008 season also with a 11.9m2.

Just a good boom!

Marco Bal
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